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Makeup Index

Makeup Merchants

For more info check out our the how-tos in the  makeup section.

Note: these merchants do no have everything listed on their web stores.  E-mail them your specific requests.

At Halloween you can buy ears and spirit gum at most party store.  They will be selling the Woochie tips by Cinema Secrets.  Women get small tips, guys large.

Beginner Kits

Ear shopping:

Looking just for fast and cheep alternatives for pointy ear?  More time? Head over to our Making 'Em section for ear tips,

Ear Style Suggestions

I have some comments on the Woochie ears. While the Small Space Ears are a good choice for ear tips, better yet for that complete hobbity look are the Woochie Demon Ears. These are more like the slush latex ears used for the hobbits in the film -- they're a full ear rather than just a tip and, despite their name, they've got good, gentle points and rounded lobes (for orcs, you can try the Woochie Vampire Ears {small full ears with pointed tips and lobes} or the Woochie Pro Artist Ears/Werewolf Ears {large, elongated full ears in either flesh or brown}-- For really delicate elf tips, look for Scarecrow's Alien Eartips -- they're soft foam).

All you need to do with the Demon Ears is trim out the fairly heavy band connecting the two ears as molded/packaged, cut a hole so you can hear, paint them up (use rubber mask grease or castor sealer/cream-based foundation -- or any paint suitable for use on latex), and glue them in place. They're really quite comfortable and give you an all-over larger ear look, rather than just the bigger ear tips. I've tried on all the pairs of ears and ear tips we carry at the costume shop where I work, and I think the Demon Ears have the best hobbit look.

== Peter Pan

Big Hairy Feet (BHF) - hobbit feet



Disclaimer:  Everything here is just provided to help you out as a suggestion.  .

Note: we do not list any vendors the create "exact" replicas that are not duly licensed by New Line Cinema.  The goal of this site is to research Lord of the Rings costumes and help folks recreate them for themselves.

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