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Hobbit Feet - Halloween shortcuts

(Big Harry Feet)

Here we present some shortcuts from our members.

For more detailed tips, check out our makeup section on hobbit feet.

OK, these are ultra quick substitutes. May be better substitutes for the kids... but if you need it tonight... it works.

Also check out the Make-up buying section and if you're into advance techniques, we do have instructions for making kid friendly hobbit shoes feet, decorating your own feet and samples of big hairy feet you can buy. in our Hobbit Feet section.

Toupee Tape

if you can still find some cheap flip-flops as close to your actual foot size as possible (not necessary 'shoe size'), cut the thongs off. Now go to your local Sally Beauty supply or Wig store and ask for wig/toupee tape; yeah you can find it on the web as well. Mine came in a little box of 36 1" wide strips for about $5. Put one strip across the ball of your foot, one strip from your heel up the outside of your foot, and another strip beside that up the middle (if you have an arch) or along the outside of your foot (if you don't have an arch). Now carefully roll your foot from the heel to the toe onto the thongless flip-flop and you've got a street safe sole. It will stay on until you take it off. The tape can be peeled off the flip-flop making it entirely reusable, and since wig/toupee tape is designed to stick skin to non-skin surfaces it's safe for your feet, and it has to deal with oily, sweaty scalps so that shouldn't be a problem either (although if you have particularly sweaty feet, you might want to just spray with some anti-perspirant first).

Combine this with the hair patch if you have time.

== Judy

Monster Feet

I ordered "Monster Feet" from Oriental Trading Company (online). They are 12 inches and fit over my snug house slippers. I glued craft /doll hair on the tops, knuckles of toes, etc., and painted the toenails darker and added some brown paint to look like dirt. They're fabulous! The monster feet are already ugly, and the hair and paint make them very Hobbit-like!

== KKlean

Backless slippers

Put a large "nude" colored sock over backless slippers and and draw on toes and hair  

== Sidhe and Squidley

Wear w/ "nude" colored socks.  Put a fur pad on the the part of the slipper that goes across the foot and make the pad big enough it also goes over part of the foot.  Snip and shape fur pad.

Soft Sculpt Hose

How about getting some of those flesh-colored orthopedic socks or hose, the thick kind, doing some soft-sculpture toes and the like and gluing/sewing a flesh-colored suede sole on it? Or you could use "dolly cloth" or flesh colored stretch foundation lingerie fabric and make soft-sculpture slipper socks w/toes the same way. If you don't have stores that carry any of those products near you, you might check your thrifts store's lingerie/sock areas for foundation garments you can cannibalize.

== Vicki G.

Converting Funny Feet Slippers

I ordered scuff type slippers called "funny feet slippers" from Easley's Fun Shop www.easleys.com .   They are big, wide rubbery bare feet with huge toes. 

When they arrived they were way too pink, but looked hilariously large and wonderful. 

I painted them with craft paint (Delta Ceramcoat in "Flesh") and let them dry thoroughly.  Then I took the curly hair used for doll making (One & Only Creations in "Autumn Brown") and cut it into 1 to 2 inch lengths.  With my fingers, I fluffed and fiddled with the hair until it was kind of fuzzy, and then glued the little bits of hair onto the feet with regular glue.  I tried to put the hair in places where it naturally grows, like on the knuckles of the toes, then thicker toward the top, and then thinning out toward the ankle.  All these materials I bought at the crafts store.

When my hobbit husband is ready to go out, I will dab a little spirit gum (purchased at a theatrical supply house) on the upper part of his feet above the slipper, and apply a little more fuzzy hair to make it all blend in--though you could probably skip this step.  The feet look very realistic and, huge, hairy and so, so hobbity!


The Funny Feet Slippers were $8.95
Shipping was $5.00
Curly Hair was $3.95 (way more than I'll ever use in my life)
Paint was $.99
Spirit Gum and remover was about $6.00
Glue was in the cupboard


One hour or so the first night to paint.
Two hours the second night to glue the hair

It was a fun to do.  I grinned all the way through the project.

== Jeannette

Disclaimer:  Everything here is just provided to help you out as a suggestion.  .

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