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Boromir  - Halloween shortcuts

Here we present some shortcuts from our members.

Need to fake the leather? Check our tips section.

So how can we come up with a really quick and cheap Boromir outfit someone could make for Halloween? 

Pants are easy, you hardly ever see them so dark colored sweats would work.

We know there's a grey undershirt beneath the mailed sleeves:  I figure a grey long-sleeve T would work for that.

Next layer involves the chainmail. Hmm if you don't already have your own (or no someone to borrow from), and don't feel like making it out of either steel, aluminum or painted pvc  slices, probably the easiest, quickest thing would be to get a thrift store sweater, take the arms off *if* they are sewn on (remember that knit will unravel if it is cut, so only do this if the sleeves are sewn on!) and spray paint them  silver. It will look just like the old Hollywood movies, and you only ever see the sleeves anyway.  Also check out our chain mail shortcuts.

Simple vambraces can be made according to the instructions at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Cavern/4200/lvamb.html and paint a white tree on them, or form them out of sturdy (non-corrugated) cardboard and paint them brown and put a white tree on them. Tie them shut with some brown shoe lace. 

The leather surcoat would be easiest done by getting a long leather coat from a thrift store and cutting the collar and sleeves off (and any buttons). Leave it open in the front and put on 3 metal clasp you find in the notions dept in any fabric store - at the top, the mid chest, and waist. Paint a grey stripe up both sides of the front edge and around the  round (you cut off the collar, remember?) neck if you feel like. Oh, and cut a slit in the center of the back, up to the waist.

Boromir wears simple riding boots. in a pinch wear motorcycle boots.

Don't forget a big white horn is his symbol of  rank! They can be found at Renaissance festivals, or in a pinch cut one off of a cheesy viking helmet from a toy department (vikings never wore horns, please cut one off!).

Ok, so far things are fine. How do people think the red surcoat could be done? I've seen burgundy cotton in the quilting department (I think I've bought some!), the gold bits could be painted on with gold glitter or gold paint.  But a) this does involved simple sewing of a short sleeved t-tunic, and b) how do you suggest the neck? It's just a black band with that gorgeous gold trim around it - I suppose you could use some of the gold metallic trims from the fabric stores. suggestions on this layer?

== Judy

To decorate the red shirt...try and find a strip of gold sequins in different shapes (these 'tapes' usually have a clear backing, and I've seen them even at Hancock Fabrics, so larger fabric/craft stores should have them) and hot-glue that to the collar, which you can paint black with fabric paint or even acrylic paint.

I've done this before - it works but is incredibly stiff when dry.

== Megan

Want to see how to make Boromir claps out of wire and margin tins?

Looking for vambraces from paper-mache?


== Julia 

Disclaimer:  Everything here is just provided to help you out as a suggestion.  .

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