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Kids LOTR Costumes

Adults are not the only ones that want to dress up as characters from Lord of the Rings.  However, their costumes should be a bit different from the adults.

There is a saying at Renaissance Fairs  with regard to children: "Peasants have more fun." Little nobles have to behave like little nobles, and get into just as much trouble for messing up their clothes as their real antecedents undoubtedly did 400 years ago. A peasant lad or lass can get dirty or wrinkled, still look the part, and wash up reasonably well afterward.   If a royal plays and gets in mud or tear sleeves and hem, the costume may never wash up well again and both the child and parent are disappointed.

Consider what the costume is for.  Is this just for Halloween night???  Is this play clothing for the child to play in regularly?  Will she be going to faire and events (like SCA) often in this? 

Given how much they will grown, you don't want to put the same level of effort into something that is just for a night vs. if it is going to be worn and washed regularly.  Warning:  you make a cape for them... don't think it's for one night.  The love to swirl in the cloak and hide in the hood.

Do you want them to be a hobbit and they want to be an elf???  Now is NOT the time to tell them they don't have the right body type.  Is this costume for your... or for them to live out the stories in their imaginations?????

Let them have feedback.  How fancy do they want to be?  Do they want it in their favorite color instead of the regular color?  If possible let them help pick fabrics and trims.   

Always pre wash the fabrics and trims!!!!!  The costume will get much more use if you can just toss it in the washer.

Let them help put the outfit together.  Maybe they just carry things to you.  Maybe they can cut a piece of ribbon.  Is it time to teach them to hand sew???  To use the sewing machine???  Even boys should know how to sew on a button. What better place to start.


Links on our site for kids

Breakouts in this section

Young Arwen
Young Hobbits

Actually, there are many more than listed here... but this just gets you started check these links elsewhere on the site.

Also, don't forget to spend time in our scrapbook .  There are lots of samples of little ones there and tutorials on how things were done and some comments on what worked and what didn't.


Contributions are welcome to this section.  do you have links to share???  Want to write up a suggestion for a character, or a race?

Section editors Serenpolly (Emc^2) and Cat

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Young Arwen | Young Hobbits

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