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Kids Pattern Suggestions

What follows are patterns for a suggested starting point.  Check our character section for detailed notes.  For the kids, we're tackling them by pattern since the pattern companies really group these things together for them.

Keep in mind that the kids patterns are created to cover wide size ranges and handle kids growth vs. be anywhere near as accurate.  So, when you are modifying them for the costume... you need to make the decision about fit and detail vs. quick and growth.

And yes,  some patterns listed be be out of date. They will remain listed for those who may have them already in their collection and for those who choose other ways to find them.

Pattern Search Links

It's been really hard keeping all the pattern links up to date.  The companies change them far too often.  We are providing a search box from each of the major companies.

Simplicity 4762 - (men & boys vests) V-neck & shawl collar vests, just right for Bilbo's  vests, Frodo's Grey Havens Vest, many other hobbit vests

Simplicity 4944  - (medieval-oid costumes) Children's version of Arwen, Eowyn, a knight and a pirate?

Simplicity 4980 - (girl's fancy dress) Can be adapted to Rosie's Wedding Dress

Simplicity 5399 - (girl's V-neck blouse) Can be adapted with work for Eowyn's White Dress. Cut the two-piece sleeves from view B  as single piece, and flare them more. take out some of the ease in the blouse to narrow it, and lengthen it (remember to flare it towards the bottom)

Simplicity 5439 - (dress & pinafore) Child. Great for Hobbit girl (skip the red bow!). Feel free to make the dress with different color top and bottom.

Simplicity 5512 - (cape, tabard & hats) Child.  Make the cape and hat in grey and pretend to be Gandalf.  Another view would work for a Nazgul.  The hooded cape  in white would be lovely for Galadriel's' cape or in various colors for Hobbit Capes, or in black for Strider's Cape.

Simplicity 5520 - (Medieval costumes) Child. Use the Andrea Schewe princess view in white for Galadriel's dress, or Arwen's Bridge Dress (accessorize as appropriate). Use view A in white with gold roping at the sleeves (skip the front lacing) for Eowyn's White Dress.

Simplicity 5528 - (jumper) Child & Miss. If you sew the shoulder straps into one piece (instead of tying them), this pattern in floor length could work for the velvet layer of Arwen's  Green, Blood Red, or Requiem dresses.

Simplicity 5835 - (Disney Princess) Child. Make the yellow dress in white with a same fabric drape around the shoulders (instead of sheer) and it could work for Arwen's Bridge Dress.

Simplicity 5909 - (Wedding costume) Child.  Make the dress with the laced vest part brown for Eowyn's Shield Maiden outfit.

Simplicity 7276 - (long sleeved dress, round neck) Girls.  Use the long sleeve view. Make it in white with a slightly lower neck and 1/2 circle sleeves for Galadriel's Mirror Dress. Make it in blue for Eowyn's blue underdress for either the KO outfit or the Refugee outfit.

Simplicity 7357 - (vest) Child. Use V-necked button vest for any Hobbit Boys vests.

Simplicity 8234 - (childhood stories) Girls.  Use the "Alice" pinafore for a Hobbit Girl (child). If you use the dress pattern,  feel free to use different colors for the top and bottom halves.

Simplicity 4797 - (Children's Nativity costumes) Useful for when you just want to start with a robe that has long sleeves and a high round neck that closes in the back. Good base for lots of dresses and robes. (old pattern #8276)

Simplicity 8953 - (Child's dress) add a short sleeve hobbit blouse and this could be  Rosie's Wedding Dress.

Simplicity 9374 - (Harry Potter wizard & hat)  make it in grey for Gandalf Robes

Simplicity 9834  - (bathrobe and trousers) this pattern could be used for Elrond's Council drape and the cranberry trousers he wears underneath. Make the sleeves REALLY big either leave it hanging open, or make a small string tie to close at the center. Could also work for Legolas' leather Jerkin. Adapt for the sleeve wraps and create an upper chest overlay & yoke for the dark green area with the design. close with a brown belt. 

Simplicity 9836 - (7-14 girl's renaissance costume) May be adaptable into Rosie Cotton's party dress. Use the bottom right view: shorten the dress into a blouse (even has drawstring neck & inset sleeves!), widen the apron until it wraps nearly to the back,  shorten the skirts to mid-calf. For the bodice, lose the peplum and cut the bottom even across the waist, adapt for back lacing, and create a contrasting center front panel. 

Simplicity 9910 - (costumes for children) Girls. Use the Angel pattern without the wings for Galadriel or Eowyn.

Butterick 3316 - (long sleeved dress with raised waist - knit fabrics) Children & Girls. Make it floor length in white for Galadriel or Eowyn - adjust neck and sleeves as necessary.

Butterick 4220 - (pullover A-line dress - to size 16, flat) could make a nice start of Eowyn's WW dress or even the overlay for Galadriel's dress. Tweak the neckline a little and lengthen & adapt the sleeves.

Butterick 4314 - (lined, ankle length coat, mandarin collar) Use the coat for Boromir's surcoat or many of the Elven Robes

Butterick 4320 - (Children's/Girl's classic character dresses)  Give the pink dress bodice a squarer neckline to make Rosie's Wedding Dress.

Butterick 5656 - Aragorn's Rivendell Outfit. Use the tunic and shirt patterns, make them longer and adapt the necklines appropriately (the doublet would need a yoke to put the designs on and doesn't need the standup collar). The brocade shirt actually has a Left side (off center) closure using frogs, so you might want to adapt the left side to extend past the CF. Remember that Aragorn's sleeves do not end in a cuff, but are straight the entire length and end in a slight petal shape. You'll need to get a trouser pattern from somewhere else. The doublet might be adaptable for Theoden's brown velvet surcoat. The shirt could be faked into Theoden's black undervest as well as the red sleeves. The tunic is the basic tunic of the average Rohirrim peasant.

Butterick 6505 - (biblical costumes) Children, Girls, Boys. Use short robe in burgundy for Boromir's Surcoat. Use long vest for Strider's Jerkin (maybe add some ties). Use long robe in white for Galadriel or Eowyn - adapt neck and sleeves as necessary. Use long robe for underdresses for Arwen's Green, Blood Red, or Requiem dresses.

Butterick 6697 - (robe, obi, wrap...) Children. Use top for Elrond's salmon robe - make full length. Use robe for Elrond's Council Drape - leave sleeve ends open and fold back. Wear the obi around the top, but no knot in back, and add a long drop sash in the front. Trousers are fine.

McCall's 2340 - (children's Nativity costumes) Useful for when you just want to start with a robe that has long sleeves and a high round neck that closes in the back. Good base for lots of dresses and robes.

McCall's 2854 - (classic costumes)  Girls. Use the Dorothy outfit for a Hobbit pinafore, blouse and skirt. Use  view C (Sleeping Beauty???)  in white for Arwen's Angel Dress (scoop the neckline), or in Rose for Arwen's Rose Dress.

McCall's 2937 - (Wizards, Grim Reaper) Child. Make a wizard robe and hat in grey for Gandalf. Make the Grim Reaper in Black for a Nazgul.

McCall's 3789 - Robe A is very close to Gandalf's Grey Robe (the yoke should be a diamond instead of squared).  Robe B (same as A but with a hood) could make a good Nazgul. Trousers  can be shortened a little above view E for hobbits or long to view D for nearly everyone else. Tunic C can be used for Boromir's under tunic (the black shirt with the maille sleeves and grey undersleeves), tighten the sleeves for Elrond's cranberry tunic (the one where all you can see are sleeve cuffs!),

McCall's 3967 - (bias dress) Teen. Make the sleeveless, floor length version, with seam allowances to the outside (and maybe 8" wide!) for Arwen's Dream Dress.

McCall's 4013 - (tops & skirts) Child. This elastic necked top can be a great Hobbit blouse. Use the skirt  in two different lengths for Hobbit skirts.

McCall's 4082 - (Renaissance dresses) Child & Girls. Use view A  for Eowyn's White Dress.  Maybe make the outside parts of the bodice in brown to look sort of like Eowyn's Shield Maiden outfit.

McCall's 4575 - (girls) elastic neck blouse. Raglan sleeves. Would work for Hobbit Blouse, skip the elastic waist and side slits.

McCall's 8701 - (adult and children) Patriotic costumes. Use Lincoln's coat for a generic Hobbit Frock Coat. Knickers can do in a pinch for Hobbit trousers, just make the legs a little longer and loose at the hem.

McCall's 9496 - View C could be made into Eowyn's Shield Maiden dress, View D can be a good base for a Nazgul. Make it in grey for a very basic wizard robe.

Out of Print

Butterick 3184 - (Harry Potter robe)  make the robe pattern in grey for a Gandalf robe, or in black with more ratty layers at the shoulders for a Nazgul. Make it in rust, leave off the hood and let the robe hang open for Elrond's Council Drape.  Make the under gown in salmon, add a mandarin collar and paint on the swirls for Elrond's Salmon Robe. Make it in dirty whites and leave the robe open (and lose the hood) for Saruman's Drape, adapt the robe with a yoke and frog closures for Saruman's Robe.

Butterick 3186 - ( A-line dress w/ princess seams & pinafore) Girls. Perfect for a young Hobbit Girl.

Butterick 3413 - (elastic neck pullover top) Girls. Use top for a Hobbit Blouse.

Butterick 3592 - (A-line dress with contrast bodice and lower sleeves) Children/Girls. Use view B in white with a brown bodice for Eowyn's Shield Maiden outfit - evening length.

Butterick 3676 - (sleeveless princess line dress) Girls & Teens. Use view A in white, add sleeves that don't attach at the top for Arwen's Bridge Dress. Use for velvet top layer for Arwen's  Green, Blood Red, or Requiem dresses.

Butterick 3897 - (fairy costumes) Children & Girls. Lose the wings and the organza overlay. Make in white, floor length for Eowyn's White Dress. Make in grey velvet with silky sleeves for Arwen's Requiem Dress.

Butterick 3904 -  (costume vests and knickers) Childrens & Boys. Make this in burgundy for Boromir's surcoat: skip the epaulettes and make the sleeves almost elbow length. The trousers could be used for hobbit trousers (ok, so they won't have a drop front).  You could probably get creative and make some sort of Gondorian Tower Guard surcoat - maybe for Pippin. Could also be used for Aragorn's Rivendell brocade if you don't mind the closure being center instead of Left side.

Butterick 3989 - (loose-fitting pullover gown ;loose-fitting hooded robe; wizard hat) Boys, unisex. Make gown and hat in grey for Gandalf. Make hooded robe and gown in black for Nazgul. Make gown in white for Eowyn or Galadriel - adapt sleeves and neck as necessary.

Butterick 4600 - (storybook costumes & cape) Girls. Use view B for Hobbit Girl. Use cape for any hobbits or Strider.

Butterick 4653 - (gypsy costume) Children's & Misses. Use blouse and skirt for Hobbits - still need either pinafore or bodice.

Butterick 5673 - (short, long & hooded costumes & capes) Childrens, Girls, Boys. Use long cape for Wizard, Aragorn, Boromir, Hobbits or Galadriel. Use long dress in white for Galadriel or Eowyn - adapt sleeves as necessary.

McCall's 3754 - (angel costume) Toddler. Use the Angel costume (without the wings) for Galadriel with a scoop/round neck or Eowyn with a V-neck and gold roping on the upper arms.

McCall's 3886 - (long sleeve dresses) Child & Girl. Make it in white, full length with gold roping around the upper arms, adapt the lower sleeves for Eowyn's White Dress. Make it in white with 1/2 circle bell sleeves and scoop the neckline for Galadriel's Mirror Dress.

McCall's 4141 - (Ghost etc costumes) Boys. Use view D in black (and full length) for a Nazgul.

McCall's 4193 - (tops & pants) Children & Girls. Use the elastic top for a Hobbit Blouse.

McCall's 4504 - (mandarin collar girl's top) since it's a flat pattern, it's basically unisex - so this is good for any of the Elf Lords like Celeborn or Elrond or Legolas' Coronation robe (or Figwit or Glorfindel...), adapt the mandarin collar for a funnel collar to use for Legolas' silver shirt.

McCall's 4575 - (girls peasant blouse) elastic neck, raglan sleeves, fine for a Hobbit Blouse.

McCall's 4578 - (children's & girls) drawstring peasant blouse with inset sleeves, just right for a Hobbit Blouse - maybe change the drawstring to elastic and shorten the sleeves to a ruffled sleeve.

McCall's 8937 - (princess, queen, Maid Marion)  . Use princess pattern in white with gold ties at upper arms for Eowyn's White Dress. The cape could work for Galadriel's cape. Use the princess dress for the under dress of Arwen's Green, Blood Red, or Requiem

Always make a mockup to check for fitting before you cut your good fabric!!!

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