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Wizard, Ring Wraith and Dwarf Pattern Suggestions

What follows are patterns for a suggested starting point. Check our character section for detailed notes on these and more.

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Simplicity pattern 9887. It's "their" version of LOTR costumes.   While it's not exactly like the movie, it does make up a interesting wizard.... simple yet soooo much better than the bought costumes  Also has the Ring Wraiths and something that vaguely passes for a hobbit.


Pattern Search Links

It's been really hard keeping all the pattern links up to date.  The companies change them far too often.  We are providing a search box from each of the major companies.


Simplicity 9753 - use the Merlin robe costume (View B), make the sleeves long enough to fold back in a cuff, add a braided leather belt.

Simplicity 9887 - View A has a sleeved cloak you can wear like his robe, and a wizard hat

Butterick 3184 - Use the "Robe" pattern in grey cotton or linen for a quickie Gandalf robe - add a belt and beard/wig. Pattern also has a hat.

Butterick 3820 - (choir robe) already has wide sleeves and box pleats. Mostly what you would need to do is to attach the box-pleated body to an inset diamond yoke (this yoke is an overlay). 

McCalls' 3339 - wizard robe and hat

McCall's 3448 - While this is actually a poncho pattern, make View C floor length out of really lightweight material for Gandalf's cloak. If you can make the hood drape down to the back waist, even better.

McCall's 3789 - wizard robe and hat. View A or D could work for Gandalf's grey robe (depending on your opinion about the hood he never uses). The sleeves seem a bit over wide, but this pattern has a rectangular (instead of Diamond) yoke with everything gathered to the yoke (instead of box pleated). It's a close look if you aren't looking for ultimate accuracy. One might just close the CF to the waist or just below and only add trousers, or you could add a tight sleeved sweater or tunic underneath but it still looks better closed to the waist. Add a braided belt.

Burda 8711 - (women's loose trousers, side zip)  use for Gandalf's trousers

Burda 8316 - (women's? wide legged trousers) use for Gandalf's very wide leg (on suspenders/bracers) trousers.

Out of Print:

Simplicity 9335 - While this is actually a poncho pattern, make View B floor length out of really lightweight material for Gandalf's cloak. If you can make the hood drape down to the back waist, even better.

Simplicity 8311 - wizard robe and hat view D

McCall's 2937 (may be child size only) - wizard robe and hat

McCall's 8937 (2 princesses? and a cape) - while the envelope shows kids, this pattern is sold up to an adult 38-40; and while it may be geared towards princesses, the "gown" in View A is actually the closest I've seen for Gandalf's robe! Make the sleeves not as deep, but long enough to cuff backwards maybe 4" and put that triangle that goes on the front also on the back and use a braided leather belt (preferably long enough to hang down the front) and it's fairly close. There is no tailoring, it's just gathered at the neck, so it will fit a man just as well.


Simplicity 9753 - use the Merlin robe (View B) for the main robe.

Butterick 3184 - This Harry Potter pattern comes with a tight sleeved under"gown" and a baggier sleeved, hooded over robe. Use the "Gown" for the innermost layer with the straight sleeves (remember these seem to have a bit of "petal wrap" to them like the elvish men). You can also use the body of the "gown" with the sleeves of the "robe" for Saruman's Robe layer, and the "robe" pattern without the sleeves for the top drape.

McCall's 2060 - View A or C from this Passion Play collection could work for the innermost layer with the straight sleeves

McCall's 2895 - Use the king pattern for the main robe. If you can adapt the little square front yoke into something with a very deep V insert, all the better. If you can make the sleeves into huge drapey bells that reach to the floor, even better.

Out of Print:

Simplicity 7031 (nativity collection) - make up outfit like the middle king, with a longer over tunic that is split down the CF. skip the cape - Saruman doesn't wear one.

Simplicity 8311 - view D is a wizard 2 layer wizard outfit. Better fit as Saruman if you put the sleeves of the outer coat on the under "gown" and leave the outer robe sleeveless.

McCalls's 3339 - Use the robe without the sleeves for Saruman's outer coat.


Simplicity 9887 - View C has a simple sleeveless tunic for the surcoat. Add standing collar piece.

McCall's 3658 - Ignore the Camelot ideas. This pattern gives men's elastic waist pants (use maroon fabric), and a pullover tunic that can be adapted with maroon will for the body of the surcoat (actual surcoat has an attached standing collar - not mandarin). There may be a rust wool, undertunic beneath the surcoat. It's difficult to tell if the chainmail & armored sleeves are attached to this undertunic or an entirely different layer. Same pattern could be used for the rust undertunic.

McCall's 3253 - elastic waist scrub pants - make out of maroon heavy fabric.

Out of Print

Butterick 5944 - Tunic, duster (with high collars) and pants patterns for women. Can be adapted for inner and outer layers.


Simplicity 9887 - View B is a sleeved robe with a deep hood that could be a good base for a Black Rider - add more layers of shaggy tatters before you put on the hood.

Butterick 3084 - View A has a two level cape, add the hood from View C, and maybe create one or two more layers of different lengths. Let the edges fray.

Out of Print

McCalls's 2937 - Grim Reaper hooded cloak can be turned into a Black Rider cloak with extra layers.

McCall's 9496 - View D is for a Phantom of the Opera robe, but could be a good base for a Black Rider, add on lots more layers of raggy fabric for the truly tattered look.


Always make a mockup to check for fitting before you cut your good fabric!!!

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