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Hobbit Pattern Suggestions

What follows are patterns for a suggested starting point.  Check our character section for detailed notes for the Hobbit outfits .

Outdated Patterns Notice: yes, some of the patterns may be/go out of print. They will remain listed for use as some people may already have them in their collection, and others may choose to contact the pattern company to buy leftovers - or even find one on e-bay.

If you cannot find a pattern, just look at the description, and then try to match another one that has close to the same description.


Pattern Search Links

It's been really hard keeping all the pattern links up to date.  The companies change them far too often.  We are providing a search box from each of the major companies.

Hobbit Women

Skirt: we've got our own make your own hobbit skirt instructions <here>   It's easy.  Try it.

Simplicity 4851 - ("Victorian"  elastic waist skirt) can give you a good hobbit skirt, Might be too full - try only 2 panels instead of 3.

Simplicity 5582 - Use the view with a straight bodice bottom. Adapt for back lacing and create a contrast center front panel. Blouse sleeves (raglan) can be shortened, a-line skirt pattern (drawstring?)

Simplicity 5799 - a good junior sized pattern for a blouse and bodice - change the bodice to back lacing.

Simplicity 7655 - (elastic waist gathered skirt) good hobbit skirt if you feel you need a basic pattern.

Simplicity 7756 - View B can be a start for a hobbit outfit. Take bodice off the skirting, make it lace up in the back instead of the front and stitch the shoulder seam instead of tying them; make the apron much wider, and shorten the sleeves on the blouse. It's not quite accurate since the bodice uses bust darts.

Simplicity 8192 - View B can give you a good hobbit blouse (shorten the sleeves), and adapt the bodice to back lacing and waist length. Just add a couple of skirts and an apron.

Simplicity 8855 - bodice could work for a hobbit bodice - switch to back lacing, it has the straps. Make sure to cut it off even at the wait! Blouse & skirt patterns could be useful

Simplicity 9966 - May be useable for a hobbit blouse (raglan sleeve) if you shorten the sleeves, patterns combines into single waistband, multi-layered skirt. Bodice needs a lot of work: change to back lacing, raise neckline, try to adjust to lose the side-front lacing (better yet, try a different bodice pattern?)

Butterick 3071 - (image oop) The bodice has a zipper in the back which you just need to change to grommets, put the sleeves on a blouse underneath instead of on the bodice (view A has good "fancy" hobbit sleeves"), and cut the bodice straight across the waist. Best to make the apron a separate layer from the skirts.

Butterick 3640 - (image oop) Use the bodice of this dress as a possible hobbit bodice - lose the sleeves and ruffling, - cut it straight across at the waist and use grommets to back lace instead of hooks and eyes. You could probably even use the skirt patterns if you made two layered skirts, short enough to show your feet - just keep them separate from the bodice.

Butterick 3906 - good "wench" outfit. The blouse has raglan sleeves instead of set-in, elastic gathered neckline and choice of long or short sleeves. The bodice/vest has princess seams which makes it easy for a contrasting front panel, but the front lacing should be switched to the back (back neckline is almost as low as the front!). Flared, gathered skirt with elastic waist has ruffle on the bottom.

Butterick 4136 - (6 panel, side zip) princess panel flared skirt, each skirt in two lengths.

Butterick 4315 - (princess seam bodice, CF hook & eyes) This historic style has many elements similar to Rosie's Wedding Dress. Change the tight sleeves to short, puffy ones, adapt the skirts. The CF of the bodices closes with hidden hooks and eyes. An embroidered false front panel could be carefully pinned on top to hide the opening. Bodices is lined and interfaced rather than boned.

McCall's 4090 - 4 skirt patterns. View A is your basic flared skirt of 3 shaped panels and a waistband.

McCall's 4107 - 8 bodice patterns. These all are princess seamed so a contrasting front is easy, most have shoulder straps, none are back-laced, so you'd want to change that.  View E looks the most hobbitsh. 

McCall's 4414 - oop - (fitted bodice with boning, back lacing, A-line,  gathered and pleated overskirt with train) With a bit of fussing (like adding shoulder straps and adapting the CF panels) this interesting dress could be turned into Rosie's Wedding Dress.

McCall's 4696 - oop - Renaissance-ish bodice has way too many lacings! Fit the side seams and stitch them, save the lacing just for the back (hey, it's already set for back lacing!).  Good base for Hobbit bodice. Attach puffy sleeves (sew them, don't lace them on) for top of Rosie's Wedding Dress.

Burda 2975 - oop - (drawstring peasant blouse, raglan sleeves) use for a hobbit blouse

Burda 8448 - (women's "Renaissance wench" outfit) although this dress has all of the pieces attached together as a single item, one could separate them into component pieces to be more movie accurate. If you leave them all together, it could still be recognizable - add a second skirt of a different length, though. The pattern comprises a front-lacing, princess-line bodice (better to switch the lacing to the back if doing separates), a gathered skirt and an apron. The blouse is really just a chemisette: it doesn't go much below the bust. If you make separates, you'll want  a full length blouse from another pattern.

Folkwear 123 - Austrian Dirndl pattern can be pulled apart for various Hobbitish pieces. Make the dress piece as separate bodice and skirt and apron pieces. Adapt the remaining bodice piece for back-lacing, and create a contrast front panel. I would advise lengthening the blouse to a comfortable length, but otherwise the sleeves and neckline are good.

From re-enactment companies:  There are numerous bodice patterns that can be used.  One of the most simple in a ren faire staple from AlterYears PAY-005.

Long Out of Print:

Simplicity 5248 (peasant blouse, skirt & trousers) - raglan sleeves, gathered neckline would make a fine hobbit blouse.

Simplicity 8741 - Reasonable pattern for a hobbit blouse. sleeves could be left short, or made a smidge longer.

Butterick 3262 - oop (2 panel, side zip) simple flared skirt - use view A or B

Butterick 4375 - oop (lined, boned fitted bodice, back laced,  full circle skirt w/back zip) Try this bodice for a hobbit bodice: loose the sleeves and square the neckline all the way out to the side front seams (or an inch beyond), cut off straight at waist level. Already back laces! consider combining the back pieces for a 2 piece back instead of 4 piece. Full circle skirt!

Butterick 6198 - oop You get a blouse pattern to play with (that is, just play with the sleeves), and change the bodice from front lace to back lace. You can use their flared skirt pattern or make a straight, gathered skirt; the apron should be wider.

Butterick 6867 - This historic style has a good bodice piece. Don't put the sleeves or skirt on, and make sure you cut it straight across at the waist. It even back laces already. Really only good for the back lacing bodice.

McCall's 3636 - (misses close fitting top, back zip, optional boning) change the back zip to lacing and even this across the waist and it would be a lovely hobbit bodice! I think it even has a front panel piece for contrast fabric.

McCall's 4086 - junior sized top, vest and trousers.  The top in this has a draw sting neckline (easily substitutable with elastic if you want), and set-in sleeves with 2 variations. Could be a good hobbit blouse!

McCall's 4340 - Use just the bodice from this pattern (ignore the pic on the front). It's already backlacing, and has seams for a center front panel so it's easy to make it contrast. Just cut the bottom edge even across your waist.

Hobbit Men

Simplicity 4762 (men & boys vests) Vest/Waistcoat patterns: shawl collared, V-neck, double & single breasted. Good also for Wedding Party vests and Grey Havens vests. note: shawl collar stops at shoulder seam

Simplicity 4851 - (men's Victorian vest) this shawl collared vest would be good for Bilbo's Rivendell and Grey Havens' vests,  Frodo's Party Vest or Pippin's party vest.

Simplicity 4916 - (Van Helsing, League of Ext. Gentleman Costumes) -  If you are going to get this pattern anyway, the vest in here is marvelous for Bilbo's shawl collared vests. If you shorten the coat and don't use the shoulder capelet, it could work for Sam or Pippin's coat - also don't vent the back if you shorten it.

Simplicity 4923 - (Pirates of the Caribbean costumes) The shirt in this would work very nicely for Bilbo's shirts, it has the dropped shoulder and baggy sleeve style he wore, just make the wrist band a little narrower and turn the wrist ruffle more into a cuff. Since you never see Bilbo without an ascot, we don't' know if his shirt buttoned all the way up or had a slit.  The vest might work for Sam's vest.  The trousers in this pattern already have a drop-front, just make them a little longer and wider - without the buttons (unless you want a Tolkien style knicker, these are much closer to what he drew himself). If you follow Primmy & Sean's pattern shapes for Frodo's frock coat, this can give you the basic pattern shapes, just adapt  around the neckline (and the buttons and giant cuffs).

Simplicity 5983 - (patriotic costumes) Lincoln's coat can work for a generic frock coat.

Simplicity 7030 & Simplicity 9469 - (men's collared front button shirts) good for hobbit shirt. Adapt the sleeves and square the collar points for Merry's shirt. Blunt the points  and enlarge the sleeve cap to gather it a little, for Sam's Fellowhsip shirt; use as is or possibly slightly blunt the collar points for Sam's Wedding shirt. Simplicity 7030 also has a no-collar vest for Merry, and Frodo (add welt pockets), and Sam's Wedding vest. Just make them a little longer for the hobbits. Also has Y-back suspenders.

Simplicity 7187 - (men's shirts) button front shirts with standard and band collars.  Just maybe make the shoulder yoke a little deeper

Butterick 3072 Lose the jacket or adapt the heck out of it. The vest and shirt are workable. The trousers could be a little longer and uncuffed.

Butterick 3306 - Loose fitting women's jacket could work for Pippin's coat, add little "belt" details, lose the top button and let fall open, shorten.

Butterick 3648 - Men's Christmas costumes - View  B has a pattern for "drop front" trousers, just cut them at a 3/4 leg length (for the obsessive, take off the waist band and put two buttons at the corners of the drop front), add side seam pockets if you like.
Butterick 3721 - Men's "historical" vest and coat, has functional vest pockets! View B could work for Frodo's vest, do not put welt covers on lower pockets and add a welted pocket at the breast. Could also work for either of Merry's vests. View C could work for Bilbo's Party Vest, raise the shawl collar up a few inches, notch it, and cut it short to the waist. could work for Pippin's Party vest.

Butterick 5320 - oop - Men's & boy's vest could work for Merry's quilted vest. Adapt to a shorter neck line, so that it has 5 buttons instead of 3; stipple-quilt the design.

McCall's 2149 - (men's shirts) standard, band & no collar versions of button front shirt. Forward shoulder seam, no shoulder yoke.

McCall's 2447 - Men's vest could work for Merry's vest; stipple-quilt the design.

McCall's 4079 - Mens & women's button front shirts with band and standard collars, full shoulder yokes, straight cut hem. Adapt for wider sleeves and double cuffs when appropriate (Bilbo & Frodo). Good for all Hobbit shirts.

McCall's 8701 - Adults & children patriotic costumes. Use the Lincoln frock coat, in a pinch, for a simple generic Hobbit Frock Coat. Elastic waist knickers can do in a pinch for quick Hobbit Trousers, just make them a little longer and loose at the hems.

McCall's 9579 -  oop - Mens & women's button front shirts with band and standard collars, full shoulder yokes, rounded hem. Adapt for wider sleeves and double cuffs when appropriate (Bilbo & Frodo). Great for all Hobbit shirts.

Vogue 8048 - (men's vests, back darts, back belt)  View C is already a high-necked 5 button vest, so could make a good hobbit vest.

Vogue 7488 - (men's fitted vests) View A is a notched collar vest good for Bilbo's Party vest and Frodo's Wedding/Grey Haven's vest - just make them double breasted.

Vogue 7644 - (unisex vests. front darts, back belt) need to raise the neck up for a more common 5 button vest, but could work for a hobbit vest

Burda 2710 - oop - (unisex jacket, jewel neck, patch pockets) Use for Sam's Jacket

Burda 8271 (women's pajama trousers) these pajama trousers are the perfect hobbit length for the cross-dresser

Burda 8274 - (men's vests, fitted) use for hobbit vest

Burda 2767 - Frock coat and drop front trousers. Perfect for the  well to do gentle-hobbit.

Burda 8358 - (women's shirts - flat) women's button front shirt with band and standard collars. Good for a hobbit shirt.

Laughing Moon - Frock coat with vest. Could be a good start for Frodo or Bilbo. One vest already has Bilbo's shawl collar.

Folkwear #263 -Frock coat has both men's and women's styling. Would need a lot of adapting, but will at least give the appearance of a long tailored coat for Frodo or Merry. 

Folkwear #202 - Victorian Men's Shirt has a bib front panel similar to Frodo's early 3-button shirt, and has the full back yoke seen in most of the men's shirts. 

Neither of these last two patterns are exactly matching in details, but if you are a beginner or simply want something that can be recognizable, these are places to start. For intermediate to advanced sewers who want more accurate patterns (although even these will still need some alterations - for example all these patterns for breeches have a waistband, but the hobbits in the movie don't), look through catalogs for Alter Years ( www.alteryears.com) Amazon Drygoods ( www.victoriana.com/amazon/ ) and Five Rivers Chapmanry ( www.5rivers.org) as well as individual pattern searches.

Here you can find Hobbit trouser patterns such as

  • Eagle's View's Men's Broadfall Drop Front Breeches,
  • Tailor's Guide's Drop-Front Breeches,
  • Period Impressions' Men's 18th cent Breeches
  • Olde Country Costumes' Men's combo (just use the knickers not the shirt).

For vests and jackets you can find:

  • Tailor's Guide's 1830s Frock Coat and Men's Western Vest,
  • Harriet's Patterns' single-breasted Civilian Vest,
  • Period Impressions' Civilian Vest, Men's Sack Suit Jacket, and 1858's Frockcoat
  • Patterns of History's 1878 Men's Sacque Suit (for vest and jacket only, not the pants). Add a button front shirt and don't forget the suspenders!
  • Buckaroo Bobbins Gentleman's Frock coat (similar to Frodo and Merry's coats)

Long Out of Print:

Simplicity 4788 - (mid-eastern style costume) shirt/robe has 3 button placket and long sleeves. Adapt the collar for a standard collar and use for Frodo's Green Shirt.  Lengthen jacket and add patch pockets for Sam's coat.
Simplicity 7048 - Men's and women's vests could work for Merry's vest raise front line for 5th button; quilt the design.

Simplicity 9138 - Women's jacket, might work unisex. Could work for Pippin's coat. Check pictures for extra details, but this is a close base.

Simplicity 9686 - Men's suits from musicals! View C could be worked into Sam or Pippin's coats (remember Sam's coat has no collar just a round cut at the neck) add and "belts" as necessary.  View A could be worked into Frodo or Merry's coat if you square off the front so that it doesn't sweep back.

Simplicity 9818 - (women's shirts - flat) women's button front shirts with band and standard collars, long shirttails. Great for a hobbit shirt.

Butterick 3198 - (women's shirts - flat) women's button front shirts with band and standard collars. Use without pockets for hobbit shirt

Butterick 3336 - Loose fitting women's coat. This simple women's jacket could be good for Sam's coat. Mostly you would need to cut the collar so that it just rounds around the neck (buttonhole stitch around the edge) and shorten; see if you can lose the yoke. His jacket is simple straight sleeves, and two pockets. No cuffs, no collar, no lapels.

Butterick 3896 - (Men's 18th cent coat, vest & shirt) the vest, if shorted a little could work for Merry's vest. change the high tight neckline to a v-neck and lose the pocket flaps.

Butterick 4094 - (men's shawl collar jacket, and shirt) This jacket pattern would be great for Bilbo's party jacket, especially if you can make the shawl collar fold longer down the front.

McCall's 2285 - The jacket is much more hobbitish, but needs lapels and doesn't need the pocket, and un-cuff the trousers

McCall's 5285 - Men's vest. use view A for Frodo's vest - this pattern has welts for fake lower "pockets" where Frodo has slit pockets (no welt covering), add a welted breast pocket.

McCall's 8409 - These are 8 button front men's shirts. Some are band collars like Frodo & Pippin wear, some are standard collars more like Merry & Sam's (and Frodo's Green Shirt); adapt cuffs to hobbit-like.

Always make a mockup to check for fitting before you cut your good fabric!!

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