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Halloween - Lord of the Rings Style

If you're looking for costumes in this section, we're assuming you're looking for something quick and cheep.    Here you will find out examples of what are out in the stores that you can buy that has been Licensed from New Line Cinema.

Jump straight to the Costume List.

A quick bit of info about our site. 

If you're looking for very fast general descriptions and suggestion on how you can make LOTR costumes for a night of partying, check out our Closet Quick suggestions.

If you're looking for patterns for the garments, know there are no exact commercial patterns.  However,  check out our pattern suggestions or if you've got time, come on over to the character sections and see the details.  We do have some sketches there.  Also under the character area, in Things, is the fellowship cloak and pipe information.

If you want to buy ears or hair, check our sources for makeup and hair.  Checkout our making 'em section to find out a few tips on everything from leather etching to French seams to armor.

If you want to see what some of the other folks have put together, check out our Scrapbook and consider submitting your own work when you're done.

Most of the rest of our site gets into in depth study.  Feel free to prowl around. Making Em is for sewing tips and general info.  The Character section is the in depth study section broken down by race.  We've got numerous links over in the resource section as well as detailed articles.  We've got a search engine for site and a discussion group over in yahoo. Also check our our FAQ over in the News section before you start posting since we follow conservative copyright rules.

Have fun!

What's out there as bag costumes that are licensed

Here's a basic list (not complete) of what we've been able to find that is "licensed".  Be careful when ordering.  A costume often also requires a blister pack for accessories AND these accessories may come in adult and child sizes.  Read the fine print.

For more like clothing costumes, check the licensed list <here>.

  • Adult:
    • Gandalf the Grey
      • It's grey, and it's a wizard
      • Not even the deluxe comes with a beard
    • Gandalf the White
      • (don't expect sword or belt)
      • Gandalf Staff
    • Ring Wraith
      • The standard looks a lot like "Scream", except in tatters
      • The deluxe comes with sword, gauntlets, shoe covers, belt
      • Sword also comes separate
    • Arwen - Angle dress
      • The deluxe version doesn't look half bad.  Comes with an Evenstar necklace
      • $5 evenstar and wig
    • Legolas
      • Be careful, you have to buy this in multiple pieces: the costume, the blister pack, the wig
      • Wig looks pretty good for it's price
      • No idea how kiddish the quiver and arrows will be
    • Aragorn
      • Be careful, you have to buy this in multiple pieces: the costume, the blister pack, the sword
    • Frodo
      • Leave the blister pack to the kids on this one, even if you're desperate
      • Buy a book mark to get the one ring.
    • Gimli
      • Again, blister pack needed too for the costume
      • Hey, the ax looks fun
    • Saruman
      • Staff
    • Gollum
      • Mask
      • (and we dare you to come in the loin cloth!)
    • Lutz
      • come in deluxe
  • Kids:
    • Gandalf the Grey
    • Ring Wraith
      • Comes with sword
    • Arwen -  Angel dress
      • Comes with evenstar
    • Frodo
    • Aragorn
    • Legolas
    • Gimli
    • Misc.  Hobbit
  • Accessories:
    • Mini version of Evenstar
    • Orc masks

:We've not been able to fine any online  Halloween costume store that list all of these in any kind of order to allow you to browse.  We've googled and compiled a short link list.  However, these are the same type of costumes that turn up at Party City and many of the Halloween stores every year... so you best bet is to just get to the store.

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Links to Halloween Sites

Links to licensed Halloween costumes and other Halloween costume suggestions from the same sources.  We just googled these up.  Haven't used them... just looking for the pictures.  Remember, these are just Halloween costumes. Don't expect great quality, but they'll give you a costume fast. 

We have nothing to do with any of these companies and just pulled them up as help for your shopping for licensed products.

Note: since all these links jump into shopping systems, the can be slow to load and sometimes do not load.

Warning: in the non Halloween Season, a lot of these link out out of order...

Expect that more site will have costumes as we get closer to Halloween.  Even www.Amazon.com  has some then.  Your best bet is to just www.google.com and then "Lord of the Rings costumes"

Last year we listed links to individual costumes.  This year we're going to just list a few places that are saying they are carrying LOTR costumes and who have them listed in an easy to find format.  We will leave any links that work from last year.

We vouch for none of the vendors and provide this just to simplify your clicking and surfing (and NO your store won't get listed because you're just one more e-store caring the costumes.  We don't do link exchange.)

Costumes from the New Line store: http://shop.newline.com/catalog/category.xml?category_id=2482;pcid1=2472

Costume Craze, their master index for LOTR Costumes: http://www.costumecraze.com/index-lotr.html

Halloween Costumes 4 U, their master LOTR index: http://www.halloweencostumes4u.com/2-lord-rings-costumes.html

http://www.halloweenstreet.com/prod_details/id-1038-row-10/ - Hobbit child, 27.99$US

http://www.halloweenstreet.com/prod_details/id-1021-row-30/ - Wizard Adult,  53.99$US. Loosely based on Gandalf + Merlin

http://www.halloweenstreet.com/prod_details/id-703-row-110/ - Juliette Adult, 33.99$US.With it's flared sleeves could work for a miscellaneous elf. Wrong colour for any of the characters.

http://www.halloweenstreet.com/prod_details/id-247-row-110/ - Medieval Princess Adult. 25.99$US. Could work for a miscellaneous elf. Wrong colour for any of the characters.

http://www.halloweenstreet.com/prod_details/id-1037-row-10/ - Gandalf Child, 33.99$US

http://www.frightcatalog.com/more_info.asp?Field_ID=1691 - Burgundy Pleated velvet robe with hood. 29.99$US.  Store in Worcester, MA. Generic “velvet” cape with hood. Not suitable for any of the characters, but might work for the right miscellaneous elf.

http://www.frightcatalog.com/more_info.asp?Field_ID=1228 - Lady Lavender. 59$US. Store in Worcester, MA. Not suitable for any of the characters, but might work for the right miscellaneous elf.

Annie's Costumes, LOTR group: http://www.anniescostumes.com/adlotr.htm 

http://www.anniescostumes.com/renaissa.htm  - various princes and princess’. Not suitable for any of the characters, but might work for elves, wizards and hobbits.

http://www.tombstone-productions.com/mall/SearchNew2002SC.asp - Moria Orc mask, Orc Overseer mask, and Lurtz Mask. 50$US. Scroll down to almost the end of the page, or control-F for “lord of the rings”

http://www.dannystrixkix.com/killer/prods/1403.html  - velvet princess Adult. Not for any of the characters, but might work for a miscellaneous elf.

http://www.dannystrixkix.com/killer/prods/1404A.html  - velvet Juliet Adult. Not for any of the characters, but might work for a miscellaneous elf.

http://www.funfolly.com/h/ca04a.htm - a wide variety of female adult and young adult costumes. Good for generic elves, humans and hobbits. Costs range from 29$-149$US. (for full outfits) Located in San Diego.

http://www.funfolly.com/h/ca04b.htm  - a wide variety of male adult and young adult costumes. Good for generic elves, humans, and hobbits. Costs range from 24$-199$US. (for full outfits) Located in San Diego.

http://www.funfolly.com/h/ca04c.htm  - a wide variety of female and male adult and young adult costumes. Good for generic elves, humans and hobbits. Also has bracers, cloaks, etc Costs range from 144$-274$US. (for full outfits) Located in San Diego.

http://www.funfolly.com/h/ca11a.htm  - generic Wizard costumes. 64$-164$US. Located in San Diego.

http://www.chamberofhorrors.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=Chamber&Category_Code=LORDRINGS - Orc masks approx 50$US. Located in Nashville, TN. 

http://www.buycostumes.com/Home.asp  - Gandalf, robes, generic elves and hobbits, Arwen, Ring Wraith, plus swords etc.. (go to TV & Movies for the licensed versions, Medieval/Renaissance for the generic stuff)

http://www.castlegardencreations.com/cgi-bin/cart.pl?DT=1 - Bell-sleeved Gown for adult female – would work for a generic elf, or in the style of Arwen

http://www.buffalobreath.com/html/subtheme.asp?subtheme=Lord+of+the+Rings - Gandalf, Hobbit and Ring Wraith

http://www.hollywood-costumes.com/hollywood-starwars.htm - really hard to navigate. Go to “menu 2” on the side, then scroll down to Lord of the rings. Has Arwen, Gandalf, Lurtx, Ring Wraith, Frodo & Hobbit Male for adult and children. Also has orc masks, Gandalf’s hat, Evenstar, and Sting. Located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Adult costs run from 38$-330$US. Generic

Wizards, Elves, and Hobbits found in the “Medieval” section.

http://shop.store.yahoo.com/halloweenexpo/gancoslorofr.html - Gandalf licensed costume.

http://shop.store.yahoo.com/halloweenexpo/lorofrinmasf.html - Licensed Orc masks.

     - Mesh Face Robe Costume, would work for a ring wraith. You might also be able to pick this up if you have a Spencer Gifts store in a mall near you.

http://www.halloweenmart.com/index.htm  - Go to adult costumes, then Renaissance for generic Hobbit female and elf costumes. Gothic, General, Witches, Plus sizes and Historical sections might also have some generic costumes.

http://www.starcostumes.com/  - Go to adult costumes.  wizard, princess bride, alpine female from the fairy tales section. Gothic Princess, Lady Lavender from the gothic section. There is a LOTR section, currently without content. Several different costumes in the Renaissance section.

       == Patiently compiled by Dawn, with bits of help from elsewhere

       == 2003 editor, Katherine

The rest of our web is about creating the LOTR look for yourself... not buying or selling costumes.  When you've got more time... browse the whole web. Find our main categories described on our Home page and check out our News section  for the latest links added.

Disclaimer:  Everything here is just provided to help you out as a suggestion.  .

Note: we do not list any vendors that create "exact" replicas that are not duly licensed by New Line Cinema.  The goal of this site is to research Lord of the Rings costumes and help folks recreate them for themselves.

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