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Wizards  - Halloween shortcuts

Here we present some shortcuts from our members.

Quick Gandalf the White

For a very simple outfit...

You'd need a white sweater vest, the pullover kind. They have a V-neck opening to them. You just need one in white. Look in a thrift store or at Wal-mart.

Under that you need a long robe with long sleeves. There really isn't any way to find this, except the "right" bathrobe (or see the robe below this tip.)   You'll probably have to make it, but there are some simple patterns that you can find on our pattern page http://www.alleycatscratch.com/lotr/makingem/Patterns/Wizard.htm perhaps McCalls 339 might work for you - just make it out of plain white fabric. You can find patterns at any fabric store such as Jo-Ann's or Hancock Fabric. BTW, the back of Gandalf's robe is cut up the center of the back and on the sides (from the hem to his butt) to make it easy to move and ride in. He also wears white pants (you could use white pajamas bottoms) and white boots .

To make his cloak, get a king size flat sheet from the thrift store. Fold it in half. Mark the midpoint of the fold (open it back out to only folded in half). Now, cut a slit right up ONE LAYER of the sheet up to that mark you just made. This is the front opening of the cloak. You can cut  more of a circle at the top of the slit to make it more comfortable around your neck. That's pretty much all

Gandalf's cloak is. His is as wide as wrist to wrist, so if your sheet is bigger than that, feel free to trim it. His also goes pretty much from his ankles up the back and down the front to ankle length. Just skip the hood, use long hair!

He has a white belt that he sometimes wears, and a dark leather belt for his sword. Just check the belt departments in the clothing stores or thrift stores - look for one that is made of woven strips.


Quick sew out of a bed spread for Saruman

To buy - a kimono style bathrobe in white or cream cotton for Saruman, an old bedspread or blanket turned into a poncho (cut centre hole for head and split from centre to middle of one side.  Belt loosely. 


To adapt - a large size bedsheet or blanket in either cream/white or brown/grey - follow attached diagram

1-  Cut a strip off the bottom (shortest edge) of the sheet that is the length of your arm, shoulder joint to fingertips.

2- Cut this in two equal halves - these are your sleeves. Fold each sleeve  in half as per diagram. 

3- Take the remaining piece of sheet, fold edges in to meet in the centre, as per diagram. Mark folds, cut a slit each side the width of your folded sleeve.  Tip:  turn sheet upside down so hem is at the bottom, cut edge is at the top. 

4-Stitch your sleeves into the armholes, - for ease of assembly sew fold at bottom of armhole, leave open edge at top.

5- Mark a neck opening from CB - total width distance between top of collarbones.

6- Sew across top of sleeves and shoulders in one seam, leaving neckline open.


7-Get a matching pillowcase - measure width of neckline opening on robe.  Mark this down one side of pillowcase.
allow 3" hem on top of this, and cut off rest of pillowcase.

8- Cut one side of pillowcase open to bottom.  Fold hem back twice, stitch.

9-Stitch open side of pillowcase to neckline opening of robe.  

Voila!!! Wear it open for Saruman, belted for Gandalf.





Disclaimer:  Everything here is just provided to help you out as a suggestion.  .

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