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Galadriel   - Halloween shortcuts

Here we present some shortcuts from our members.

Patterning the Mirror dress with you child as the pattern

used a white polyester crushed velvet panne fabric ($5.99 / yard at Joann Etc), which was approximately 58 inches wide. I actually measured it at around 60 inches. This was perfect, because it was slightly wider than my daughter's arm span.

My method for creating the "pattern" was to fold the fabric in half, inside out, and have my daughter lie down on top of the fabric on the floor, with her shoulders just at the level of the fold. She stretched her arms straight out to the sides, and I simply drew a basic triangular dress shape around her with colored chalk, making sure to leave a generous amount for seams, and making the sleeves get wider as they reached the edges of the fabric. (Think of making a snow angel, and you'll get an idea of what I did.) I then used one of her tee-shirts as a pattern to draw a curved neckline at the fold. I pinned the fabric along my chalk marks, and cut through both layers of fabric at once.

I simply hand-stitched the sides of the dress; the seams along the sleeves; and the neckline.

 == Ronnie

Check out even more detail with Robbie's scrapbook entries and check out her web page for more pics.


Answer, when asked how to make a quick Galadriel dress...

You can probably make the dress by getting a large white sheet (big enough when folded across the middle to reach from your shoulders to the floor) and a lacey tablecloth the same size (might need to stitch two together to get it long enough?). fold each piece in half, lay on it with your shoulders at the fold and arms out straight. Have someone trace around your arms and body - a couple of inches out. cut it out and sew along those two edges, cut a neck opening. Do the same thing for the lace and wear the lace on top of the sheet. Don't forget to shape the big drapey sleeves before you cut! Then you just need a long blonde wig.

Most people have made their own crowns, often using silver wire and sculpy clay. You won't find anything exactly like it, but maybe you could find a bridal tiara that would work for you.

Or... in more detail...

She seemed to need more, so I half repeated myself, trying to be clearer: Here's a really simple method one person used for a dress:


Now Galadriel has a couple of different dresses, but frankly the shape is pretty much the same. Her section is at

<http://www.alleycatscratch.com/lotr/Elf/Galadriel/Mirror.htm>; and I'm suggesting the mirror dress because we can see the shape of the sleeve better. Take some time to look through the links, don't get worried about detail, you don't have to do the beading and all the seams, just look at the basic shape of the neckline and the shape of the sleeve (Liz has even drawn a pic of it with the arm out, that helps).

Now, armed with printouts or a good memory, check out a site like <http://thescholarsgarret.com/northernshores/tunic1.html>; while I learned t-tunics (only differnece between a tunic and a dress is the length. So just make your length to your feet instead of your knees) it was by lying on a piece of folded fabric while someone traced around me, this site has you use a shirt that you know fits, so you don't need an extra friend to help.

Once you've got the sides of the dress drawn (make sure you've left a couple of inches at least at the sides for room to move!), no cutting yet! you can draw in the shape of the sleeves sorta like the dashed line on the t-tunic drawing. Look at the pics on the website for the sleeve shape. It's very long. And widen out from the waist down, so you have a fully lower half. Once you've got the lines looking right, you can cut it out. then just stich along the sides and hem the neck. If you do the same thing with a lacey tablecloth to wear on top of, say a cotton sheet, it will look more like the lacey, beaded overlay of her dress.

== Judy

Disclaimer:  Everything here is just provided to help you out as a suggestion.  .

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