Mirror Dress
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Galadriel's Mirror Dress

 w/ Fellowship Greeting Cloak

Galadriel first greets the fellowship in this dress with it's matching cloak.  Also seen in ROTK

This dress appears to be patterned the same as the Prolog Dress, with the bodice fitted at the side with no darts.  The waist drops to a point.  The skirt is flared and lightly trained.  The back is probably close with an invisible zipper.

Sketch by Liz Glitz

This dress and cloak are made from sheer silk chiffon. Under this the bodice and skirt are lined in an opaque white silk. The beaded chiffon has a lightly crinkled look.

The dress has a scooped net.  The top 3 inches are are shaped oval with the sheer chiffon without the underlayer of opaque silk.  There may be another shear like organza there to give the piece weight, but we do not know for sure.  The oval goes all the way to the edge of the shoulder.  There is a very fine trim on the top and bottom edge of the facing.

The sleeves are cut on the cross as the crinkles are horizontal on the upper arm while on the dress they are perpendicular to the floor.  They are made out of one piece of fabric.  The top half of the sleeve is narrow but starts to widen a tad.  At the elbow the bottom of the sleeve drops quickly to where the pattern is slightly larger than a half circle wide.  When her arms are down, the sleeve extends to below her knees.  The sleeves hem is even.  The edge looks like it is just serged.  It is unlined.

The pattern of the dress's embroidery is a star burst of lines with very little round-oval leaves. The embroidery is quite raised, and looks couched. Definitely machined, but as to the actual stitch I do not know. The leaves have a single short opaque pearly bugle. And another bead at the centre point of the star burst. The star bursts are on a slight slope. When looking at the dress they slope from left down to right.

There are 12 meters of hand beaded cloth from India in the dress and cloak


While the belt shows up as white in the film, it is actually cream with white and pear decoration.  The base is dark cream silk and it appears to be hand beaded.  It is about 2" wide and backed to give it weight.  It lays flat against the body and ends in a point in front, probably covering the skirt seam line.  There are two long tails that go down the front.  If it matches all the other belts like this, the belt actually goes on from the back, laced in with a thin cord and small loops. 

Basic shape of the belt.  It has two tails.  A row of pears separate the motives and edge the belt. :Guess of what the back of the belt looks like... but this would match with her other dress, Arwen and Saruman.

The sketch below is one half of the repeated pattern. This pattern is reversed continually down the girdle and a line of pearls waves between the patterns. A lone of pearls down each side of the girdles finishes the decoration. The ends are pointed, but the beading is not. It terminates with the seam as if the fabric was not beaded to shape.  There is a definite wave to the belt ties which follows the shape of the beaded pattern.

Pattern on the mirror belt.  This alternates left and right separated by an undulating line of pearls. Edged in aurora 7mm bugle beads

Middle leaves are satin finished off white short bugle beads

Sequins are pearly white, small


Mirror pin detail by Abby From Casa Loma exhibit

Fellowship Greeting Cloak

The cloak is three pieces of fabric, one back and two fronts. The back starts at the top of the inner edge of the fronts and is draped and tacked into place to flow into the back, which has soft drapes at the top. The sides are open. The edges are all that narrow stitch.  The cloak trains back.  It's is square not rounded.

Galadriel's Mirror Dress/Greeting of the Fellowship cloak had one interesting detail. The cloak seems to be held closed by the brooch. At closer inspection though, this was done by two extra dark silver leaves in the style of her brooch, but not actually attached to her brooch. They attach to the cloak a few inches away from the brooch. The best shot:
http://www.firstscience.com/SITE/IMAGES/editor/26/galadriel.jpg You can see them as two dots the same colour as the brooch to each side of it.


Section authors: Cat and michaela

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