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Glorfindel, Elf-lord of Rivendell

We just see glimpses in two outfits.

 All we have in this one photo to go on so far.

Decipher Card Outfit Overview

Glorfindel wears a simple outfit. Some pieces are recycled from the original movie costumes. Some pieces are original in fabric but possibly the same pattern as other costumes.

According to Daniel Falconer Glorfindel wears an unused Legolas outfit for the photo.




He wears a basic tunic of crinkled green-silver silk with a hint of brown, which makes for perfect camouflage in any season.


We know only some things about it: it has no opening in the front, and has a petal shape that extends from the shoulder.

  • So far we have three logical theories:

    •  Legolas jerkin

      • The basic shape of the tunic might fit the shape of the jerkin that Legolas wears. If it were this way, it would be logical to have a extending short sleeve petal wrap under the shoulder petal.

    • Arwen’s chase outfit

      • The petal shape on the shoulder may indicate that the tunic is like Arwen’s chase dress. Since they are both from Rivendell, it may make sense. The differences would be no rolled colar and no princess seams.

    • Games Workshop models

      • Pic of Games Workshop’s Glofindel.  This pic shows his tunic being a fold over robe like tunic. It would have to have a higher neckline, but the shape seems ok. This would also indicate that maybe the petal shape on his arm is really part of his cloak, and that he has a black under tunic. The downside to this theory is that WETA would have had to make a brand new pattern.

 Under shirt?

The Decipher card shows that there may be a tunic of light blue like Legolas tunic below his crinkly tunic. This could be one of two things:

 Legolas shirt: the basic collar line is the same, but then we might be able to see blue under the tunic petal (unless it was photoshopped out).

Trim: Daniel thinks it could possible be trim of the crinkly tunic, which would allow for a black under tunic like the GWS figure. That would also explain why we can’t see it on the card.


His sword is exactly the same as the sword Haldir carries. A complete photo collection of Haldir’s sword:

Glorfindel's sword is Haldir's sword, but it's been digitally altered so that it's narrower at the top (per Daniel Falconer)

This is just first round speculation.  Thanks to Daniel and Jeremy for the first pass and speculation on this costume.

Glorfindel Coronation Outfit




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This page was last updated 04/22/08