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Legolas, son of Thranduil of Mirkwood is the elven representative in the Fellowship of the Ring.  He outfits appears to remain rather static though out  the trilogy, with a few additions here and there.

His basic outfit is a two toned suede jerkin.  This is worn over a pale silk shirt and dark  suede trousers.  He wears knee high soft boots and wide leather vambraces.  He is seldom without bow and quiver. 


Legolas Index

Fellowship of the Ring

Basic description

Legolas arrives in Rivendell for Elrond's Council wearing a simple velvet cloak over his standard two tone suede jerkin.   This cloak not seen again in FOTR. 

His bow is dark and he carries an quiver decorated in abstract elven designs.   He wears wide leather vambraces decorated in gold the entire time he wears the jerkin.

He removes his jerkin and vambraces the first evening in Lothlorien.  There he wears just his shirt and his belt.

When the fellowship leaves  Lothlorien, he is gifted with a new bow, peacock quiver and new arrows as well as the fellowship cloak.

Note: a number of "posed" shots mix the Mirkwood kit with the fellowship cloak.  Be careful of details when combining bow/quiver/cloak.  Even the front quiver buckles are different.

Colors: in the movie with the color correction, the jerkin is dark olive over lighter olive with a shirt of pale blue.  At exhibits, but not under the best of lights, the jerkin looks brown on top and olive green.  Shirt is silver.  Trousers are dark brown.

London Exhibit

or click here for high rez

Slightly different exposure

Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here:

Better detail of the work



Note: The belt is tied higher for the Casa Loma exhibit than it is worn in the movie.

Note w/ this lighting, shirt does appear blue.  This is good indicator of movie colors.

Legolas, lightened, to show construction detail CU of the jerkin enhanced to show front decoration

(high rez, same

Legolas as displayed at the ROM in Toronto/  In this lighting, shirt show silver (closer to the true color)   CU on clasps and hook and eye closures

Good general shots to see the whole outfit

Legolas as a 6" toy.  On large picture can see more detail on the boots and the inside of the vambraces.  See bow detail decoration The back shows some detailing of the Mirkwood quiver.  The knife handle also has the coarse detail from the original.  Also can see some boot detail

More toy notes and detailing


The Jerkin

Ohh, we're just got too much information for here... click on the pic for an entire page!


Under the jerkin he wears a pair of tight trousers. These are tucked into his boots. They appear to be suede also, but are not. They are more like a knitted suede cloth or cotton velour. Lots of stretch so they fit tight. The trousers are a grey-green in real life. They appear more green to blue-green in the film because of the color creations. Trousers seen on exhibit appear to be grey with a hint of green possibly suede or maybe velour - Weapons & Warfare book claims trousers are soft gray-green woolen hose and Museum Replicas claims they are olive velour.

Vambrace Detail

Vambrace detailing, from ROM exhibit  
Vambrace decorate detail, laying in case.  Casa Loma Vambrace detail: they are longer than they look here, because of distortion from the angled photo.
London Exhibit Vambrace detail from the 6" toy.  Notice the pattern is the same.
Vambrace detailing, right.  From standee (Daniel G.)  
Left vambrace.  From standee  

These are additional shots to go with the general shots at the top of the Legolas section.


Focus on Hair

Many of the elven hair styles have braids.  Legolas's long blond locks are no different.   Most of the hair is pulled back off his face with a thick herringbone braid down the back of his head.  He also has small "lace" braids that start at the front of the temple and keep the hair back behind the ears. 

There are no visible bands that secure the braids so they may be waxed ( or sprit gummed.)

How to do the Legolas Braid

It is the herringbone and lace combined.  Click the pic to see Dream Weaver Braiding's page on how to make the braids.

Scroll down to LOTR Braids

  • Make the back braid!!!
  • Doing the side braid
    • Start at the very very very very VERY front with the 3 smallest pieces you can muster. Cross the top over the middle, then the bottom over the middle. Then when you go to cross the top over again, add a tiny bit of hair. Cross the bottom one over the middle without adding. Repeat until you get to above right behind the ears, then regular braid about 3 inches down (on hair the length of Legolas's anyway), combine the 3
      strands, redivide them into 2, and herringbone to the end.
  • Dream Weaver Braiding has some examples of the Legolas Braid

Focus on Boots

Legolas' boots are really movie magic multipart constructs..  The basic boot is a short angle length pull on boot with elastic sides.  Over it are book toppers wraps that were created by the wardrobe department. These toppers wrap around and fasten on the inside.  A strap goes under the instep.

A design similar to the vambraces is imprinted on the boot wraps.  However, the books look like a soft suede, so the designs are not tooled.

Boot detail from the London Exhibit
Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here:
Boots and the wrap lightened
Boot, from standee   Upper book and a bit of the trouser leg
Toy: Front of Legolas' boot.  Can see a bit of edgings and a wrap. Side of boot.  Can just make out the gold swirls of decoration on the sides.  Same as the vambraces. Back of boot.  Smooth.  Decoration at top.

Check out Suzanne's book wraps tutorial:

-- Project lead on the research: Judy and Emily. Many people contributed since he's so many people's "doll". Extra mention for Tammy, who was the first one to create all the details of his outfit (so was ahead of us all on the learning curve) and Meniteau for finding us the extra links we needed.  Additional work done by people to numerous to thank.   Check artwork for additional credits.

Legolas' Original Costume

Legolas's costume was changed after shooting began. It is seen in the FOTR extended version in the alternate pre-Lothian meeting with Haldir.

Fellowship Reunion Outfit

Pale blue silk shirt.  Raglan sleeves, design on the top of the sleeve, double needle stitching. 

Belt is the same as the hero fellowship shirt.  4 strand flat braid ending at a point.  Small stylized butterfly in silver at the center.

Debate if this is the hero shirt from the fellowship

Standee pictures throughout this section are from Judy and Dan G

Pictures have been contributed from a wide variety of sources.  Steve J, Ronda, Margret, TORn and more

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