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Just the Shirt

Legolas's  shirt... V1.6 Aug, 2003

Rough draft... we know it's not correct, but it's just the starting point for our discussion.

The shape show here is OK... but not the decoration or details.  Note: the shirt decorations here are basically from the art book.

(We now know the sleeves are raglan, not set in and the collar rolled.  Picture to be updated.)

This is hard. There are not a lot of pictures and they're all blue, slightly soft focus.

The hero version of Legolas's shirt/tunic is only seen by itself during the fellowship's first evening in Lothlorien.  The scene which the elves sing Gandalf's lament has an other worldly soft blue tone.  Much detail is obscured. 

The DVD and the ROM exhibit show that the shirt is not really light blue.  It is actually silver-grey.  So, if you are going to reproduce the shirt you must decide on movie colors or real life colors, baby blue or silver.

The mid-thigh length shirt is made out of mid-weight duponi silk. It has side pleats/gores inserted from the waist down. It is close fitted to the point that the body pulls a bit and the sleeves wrinkle.  (In real life, not the type of stuff an archer would like.)  The shirt opens down the front and has 4 silver fastenings that start at the top of the chest bone and end at the waist (though he wears his belt lower).   It has a rolled color so the shirt and collar have been cut out of a single piece to give it a sweep upward.  This sweep is accentuated by the low top closure.

The sleeves are a raglan cut.  The sleeves bell as they go toward the wrist, but not too much. 

There is lacing on the underarm seam from about 4 inches above the cuff to mid-upper arm.  Depending on the shirt seen, there are either grommets (or for the "hero" version) thread eyelets.  Though even this definition gets complicated.  The picture from the poster shows the bottom half thread eyelets and the top metal.  However, the version in the "Traveling Exhibit" has metal eyelets from the wrist up to to beyond the vambrace and then all the upper ones are thread eyelets.  (So, make your choice.  Everything goes.)

Special note: the main shirt used during most of the filming does not have a back, at least not of the real material.  It is just full sleeves and a collar, w/ only the front being real.  Underneath is what looks like a black t-shirt.  The assumption on why the shirt had no back was to keep the  silk shirt  smooth in front while all the gear is strapped under it.  Also, the non hero version does not an opening in the front.  Again this is probably so it lays right.

Photo of the poster,  You're looking at the underside of the sleeve.  Sleeve at the bottom, vambrace at the top.  

There is a belt made from 5 flat braided strips.  (Same technique and Gandalf the Grey's belt.)  There is a small leaf buckle on this.  Only worn with the "hero" version of the shirt.  It comes to a bit of a point in front.

We see Legolas bending over a monitor with PJ in a shot in the LOTR fan magazine (vol3)

Drawing by Naomi

Here is the design flattened.  Note it is not symmetrical.  (Though we're still debating how much of this is caused by fabric stress.)  Soon we will also present a straightened version.

(Artwork by CDR)

The sleeve hem is turned under to stiffen the bell slightly.  Over the sleeve and shoulder is a decorated appliqué that has been top stitched down.  The exact boundaries of the appliqué are not yet know. BUT, it is flat... so it must narrow going toward the neck

art by Nicole

Here's our best sketch of the clasps on Legolas's shirt.  The swish on the left is slightly edged and is flat.  The rest seems to be wires with ball ends. 

As far as we can tell there is only one sewing hole.  The other stitching is just tacked across the bar.  We think there are just 3 stitches but this part is open for discussion.


Can see just a bit of the clasps here.  We know the toy's can't tell all the detailing but there's a bit of a loop of some kind. Clasp detail

(note, some pics will have two sources and some groups together are close but not exact because the sources here appear to be screen caps.)

About the undersleeve lacing

This seems to vary depending on what shirt he is wearing. 

  • The "shirt only" hero shirt has bell sleeves and does not seem to have any lacing
  • There are three version with lacing, one seems to have little silver grommets, the other has button holes for lacing.  Then the hero version doesn't have any lacings.


Extra places to look

  • Many screen caps of Legolas from the movie
  • Volume 3 for the Fan magazine.  There is the clears photo of the side embroidery.

Those elf collars

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