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Elrond's Index

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Note: Elrond's costumes are a mix 'n' match affair.  There are trouser,  often tucked into boots, sometimes a long sleeves shirt under it,  a long sleeved full length tunic, an overrobe.

Elven Armor

See Elrond Armor in detail.  Click on pic or here for an entire page.

More armor details can be see at Elven Armor.




FOTR costume break out for Elrond

See the costume breakout of Elrond's costumes from Fellowship of the Ring.  Click on pic or <here>.


TTT costume breakout for Elrond

See the breakout of Elrond's The Two Towers costumes.  Click on pic or <here>.


ROTK Robes


Coronation Robe

For Aragorn's coronation, Elrond wears a long cream outer robe.  Inner robe cream with gold swirl brocade.  He wears his circlet.

Additional Miscellaneous


The same intricate hairstyle appears to be worn throughout by Elrond.

Hair piece/circlet

Sidhe's notes from ROM:  Haircombs are built into Elrond's headpiece.  It didn't go all the way around the head, and I guess I thought it did for some reason.  Also, the metal was very clearly hammered, with the
hammer marks very clear. 
Side view Circlet, ROM Enhanced to pull up some of the weave


Elrond's Armor | FOTR Robes | TTT Robes

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