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Elrond TTT costume breakout


Under layers and basics

Just as in FotR Elrond seems to wear a Basic Robe (salmon) and Underclothing, and simply changing the Drape for the occasions, it seems that he may do the same thing in TTT. In this case,

The Basic Outfit consists of a Black & Silver, diamond brocade, high necked robe, and some other outfit beneath that we can only glimpse at the cuffs. He may have two different Drapes that he wears: one is a dark charcoal as seen in the Arch pics and with Celeborn, and a lighter Drape that he may wear in the Hope Scene and that was displayed at Royal Ontario Museum. Can lighting alone make this one drape all the same? Why does the ROM Drape show a black collar when the Arch Sticker pic  (and similar) clearly show it to be brocade?


We have seen glimpses of a second outfit. In these scenes, Elrond wears a textured high-necked silver brocade robe and a charcoal drape. He can be seen with Arwen and with Celeborn. He wears this when he tells Arwen that they are leaving for Rivendell (the Hope scene), and possibly also when he speaks with Celeborn and Galadriel about sending help to Helms Deep. (The Council of Elves).

 Check out Arwen's Arch Dress for much more and explanations about the colors.

Black & Silver High-Necked robe


Black & Silver High-Necked robe: Robe is made of textured black & silver diamond brocade. The collar is laid horizontally and wraps around like a turtleneck, while the body brocade runs lengthwise. Long moderately tight sleeves end in a point over the back of his hand.  Open in front below the waist.



Charcoal Drape

A full length jacquard (woven pattern, same color).  Drape with floor length belled sleeves (inset sleeve), similar but not quite as full as the Council Drape. Does not appear to be lined, hems simply turned under. Center Back Seam. Flared, standing collar. Closed with a single frog closure high on the chest.

Check out Arwen's Arch Dress for much more and explanations about the colors.

Making the Rolled Collar

Quite simple.  The collar is very soft so can be left without interfacing if you wish. 

The facing should ideally be cut in one long continuous strip from C.B. neck to hem. 

This minimizes seams, and in velvet, that's got to be a good thing!  The garment is wide anyway, but as it is worn open it should not have a visible contrast lining.  I think only the sleeves are lined with the brocade, although it's hard to tell…  The main body may be lined or left unlined, depending how authentic you want to get. 

Note: for full detailing check out Naomi's tips on Rolled Collar Construction.






Pale Lavender Outfit

We have only seen this outfit briefly in a trailer for the Two Towers during the, and a photo in the Art of the Fellowship of the Ring. Could this be from Return of the King? Or is this the Second Drape from TTT?

Yes, it is seen in the grey haven ending.

(high rez version here)

Elrond - Arch outfit??? or at least the diamond undertunic is


Note how the color dances around with the light colored fabrics.

See the rolled collar.    Another shot on the belt
Side of robe Pic is very fuzzy, but you can see how the sleeve stretches down below the wrist for a wide angle sleeve. Can see length of sleeve. Note the way the fabric behaves, the very wide facing or bag lining is  is pulling

Sleeve fabric details CU of closures Cu of a single closure


In the movie it appears to be a heavy, very pale lavender jacard fabric, lined with something heathery blue and white.   It is actually a greyish blue, but we will continue the description based on the colors we 'see' in the movie.

Seems to be similar in style to the Council.  The fabric has a fairly intricacy woven pattern and there are metal threads within it.  The collar and  the center front edge of his robe are edged in a tiny braid.  This comes away from the frog on the main body to form a tie. 

  • Drape.
  • Rolled collar.
    •  is in a darker leaf/star patterned fabric.
  • Huge, bell sleeves folded back to show the lining
  • Open CF
  • Some kind of design at the chest, robe closed with a single frog high on the chest
  • He hast an elaborate two part girdle.  The back layer is wider.  The cording crosses at least twice before it ties in the front. Think art nouveau meets Japan.



Very hard to see at this time, appears to be white with a mandarin collar and more Chinese ball buttons

  •  Wide cuffed sleeves similar to Salmon Robe
  • Open Question: is this the salmon robe with different lighting?

Silk shirt

All that can be seen at this time is a glimpse of a tight silver/white sleeve that comes down to his knuckles. Probably the same cut as the Red silk shirt, but this must be a different one or it would show darker.

  • Open questions:
    • This appears to be the same Drape as the Charcoal: is it the same outfit, or is it a different color with lighting that looks the same?
    • The pic in the book almost looks like the Salmon Robe, this pic looks maybe like the diamond brocade. Which? Something else? Where is the neckline?
    • We know the Art of Fellowship of the Rings shows a pale lavender outfit, is this it??
  • Open Questions:

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