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Elrond FOTR Costume Breakout

Work in progress, we are currently fixing up the art work!


Basic Under Robes

"Welcome to Rivendell, Frodo"

First view of Elrond is when Frodo awakens from his mortal wound and  he welcomes Frodo.

Salmon Robe

Salmon colored robe, dupioni silk, with mandarin collar and  silver soutache cord embroidery covering a V-yoke, on the collar and on the sleeve cuffs.  Split entirely down the Center Front, it is fastened only to the lower chest or high waist with 5 small ball buttons. Sleeve appears to be a two-piece pattern: straight, inset sleeve plus  a belled lower arm that may involve the Elvish Petal Wrap (in some pics can see a slight curve up instead of a straight cut) and also has some soutache design. The hem of the robe also curves to the center like a "petal wrap". Entire robe appears to be lined in a silvery/grey tone fabric. Robe is cinched with a two-toned belt of cranberry and silver/salmon, tied with a long drape that could be cords.

Color note:  OK, for the sake of argument, it may not actually be salmon, some behind the scenes look like grey.  However, we are choosing to use the color name that we see in the film and most of the pictures.

bronze underrobe, from the side




detail of yoke design - final
(or higher rez <here>)

by Ginger

detail of sleeve design.  Note it is asymmetrical Flip of the design


Cranberry Silk Under Layers

Little can be seen of the layer beneath the Salmon Robe.  Glimpses of a long tight sleeve are evident, and during the Council when he sits, the Salmon Robe parts at the waist and the expanse of a long cranberry silk can be seen. The extended DVD gallery stills has shown us that Elrond is wearing cranberry colored trousers that have petal-wrapped legs. While no matching shirt is shown, there is no other explanation given on the DVD for where the cranberry sleeves come from. Assumptions may be made that there is a long sleeve shirt/tunic tucked into the trousers.  The trouser seem to be worn loose with the Dark Grey Drape, and tucked into his boots during the Council scene.

Dark Gray Drape

"Our list of allies grows thin!"

Elrond talks with Gandalf in a library of Rivendell, discussing the politics of the world and the fate of the ring. Here he has donned a dark grey velvet  Drape over his Basic Outfit. The Drape is split CF possibly with a shawl collar, full length and lined in grey silk. It has slit openings for his arms which are covered by two capelet drapes which appear to attach into the neckline of the collar; the back edge falls straight down to just below elbow level; the edges seem to be whipped to the lining giving a scallopy appearance. The hem of the drape is square cut.

Council Robe

Elrond council robes Sash design, preliminary, corrections coming
Shoulder etching
Back etching
  • Elrond wears his same Basic Outfit with a change of sash to a more formal, very wide cranberry sash with a long front drape (etching or couching on the drape of the sash) and a new formal Council Drape. Council Drape is rust colored velvet lined in a swirly red & gold silk brocade pattern.  
  • The sleeve edges are so long, they just blend with the edge of the robe.  It appears almost to be a chasuble, but there is one shot in the ext DVD in the editing outakes at the council where we do see Elrond with his arms out completely.
  • The sleeve stays "tight" only about 2-3 inches then the sleeve swoops down.
  • .  The "arm" panels are so wide they can be turned back to look like a cuff, basically the same shape as Saruman's. There is etching along collar region, on the upper "arms" and down the back. It is held together with very thin cranberry colored cord tied into a bow at the base of the collar. Center Back seam. It is well viewed in the DVD gallery stills, and in the Farewell Scene you can see some of the fabric movement.


Section edited by Judy.  Design drawing by Ginger.  Research by many.  Additional thanks to Anthony and Dawn for their drawings as well.

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