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A suggestion from Ann on making Haldir's (and other elf cloaks)

  • Cut a large half-circle for the cloak pattern. Instead of cutting a half-circle or oval in the center of the straight side the way you normally would for a cloak, come in 2-3 inches and then cut a full circle 6 or 7 inches in diameter (depending on the size of your head). Then just stick your head through the hole.  That has the right drape.

Julia's notes on gloves

1) Haldir's right hand: he has finger guards like two fingers of a glove BUTwhich do not have leather underneath from the mid knuckle to the hand.

2) Haldir's left hand: he has leather going around the first two fingers
first joint with his pretty pale fingers sticking out. (just like the
exhibit mannequin!)

3) Both the Haldir doll and the elven archer doll paint both two fingers on
both hands the entire length...

Which makes the dolls wrong according to the still shots.


Toy detail pics

or high rez here

or high rez here
Front Back Helmet, side detail
Chest front detail Back of chest, lacing detail Front hip
Front shoulder back shoulder Scabbard and quiver


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