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Celeborn is Galadriel's husband. In FotR, his main outfit is seen best in FotR, although he wears the same thing in RotK at the Grey Havens. There is another outfit from a cut scene in TT.

Celeborn's Index

FotR Outfit

TT Outfit (cut scene)

Fellowship of the Ring Outfit

In FotR, we see Celeborn elegant and somber.  It is hard to see a lot the the detailing on his robe.  His outfit is both simple and complex with its layers and subtle detailing.

So far, the best chance of seeing the embroidery detail is on the Burger king toys.

Basic Description:

Long white robe with a mandarin collar, tightly furled petal sleeves reach to mid-knuckles, appears to have a waist seam, as lower front is two shaped petal skirts, but upper front is solid panel.

Trousers, very wide, of crinkle fabric - similar to Chase Dress sleeves?
Grey sash with braid detail and silver 'buckle'

Silver grey drape has shaped long shawl collar and long overlapped sleeves

or here for med printable

Celeborn's robes, very high rez (slow load), color best here.  Can see silver threads at neck Celeborn FOTR robe, side view, dark, but note texture and design
Celeborn FOTR robes, color off, but centered
note the curved front hem
Celeborn FOTR robe, side view  Note: color is wrong
CU of shoulder fabric, enhanced, see silver tread on lapel CU of hem fabrics and design.  Is it possible, the bottom layer is wide trousers? Celeborn's necklace
London exhibit, necklace and belt Belt detail.  Note how thin the fabric is.  Front "clasp" is just a lacing for the cords.  Belt is actually removed from the back Celborn's necklace

Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here: http://www.theonering.net/scrapbook/group/987

Metallic design down the side of Celborn's outer robe.  (Dawn) Front part of the necklace.  In the drawing here you can see which metal bit is entwining with each other.   (Dawn)

TT (cut scene)

Basic description:

Long white robe with mandarin collar, but this robe has a V-piece inset to the front panel. Inset appears to be same fabric as FotR jacquard, possibly on a plain white upper panel.

Lower front is again split, but this time the lower hems are square-cut in front

Sleeves are wide petal shape, similar to Elrond's Salmon Robe sleeves. Possibly cuff is different fabric than main sleeve

Open Questions:

  • Is the V-shaped piece an inset on the front panel, or a V-shaped vest?
  • Is the dark spot near the base of the collar a gap between a V-shaped vest and an underrobe that has the square-cut lower pieces, or is it a smaller version of his neck jewelry?

Suspect this may have been simply an early version of his outfit that was later changed to be more "Elvish" in lines. 

See Julia's study page for Celeborn at:


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