Elves in Armor
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Elf Armor

Armor Index

 Second Age Armor General

 Elrond's Armor (w/ layers breakdown)

 Gil Galad


Third Age Armor - TTT
Main Pictures and detail
Toy Pictures
Kit and weapons



Construction Tips

There are many way that the elven armor can be created. 

  • The original

    • from Massy news: "Appleton firstly worked from drawings to produce 100 suits of Elf armour. Each suit was made from about 50 pieces of polypropyline plastic, cut from sheets, then assembled like a kitset. The suits were held together with elastic straps at the back, to allow freedom of movement. The helmets were a fast-setting plastic, sprayed over a range of moulds."
  • Places to check for tips on this site
    • All About Armor give you a starting point for all kinds of armor tips and techniques and further resources on the web.
      • Check out our Armor Cheats for a number of ways to creative armor w/o a forge.
  • A site devolved to detailed research and construction techniques for elven armor out of paper machee
  • Making Elven Armor from Craft foam and a great tutorial on painting and aging as well




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