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Toy Shots of Third Age Elf Armor

Click <up> if you want all the armor detail

(Remember, use the toys only as a general guide.  They are not perfect... fine detail is missing and there are major adjustments around all joints.)

(or high rez here)
Back Side
Chest plate   Note the lacing on the back very much like Elrond's 2nd age lacing.  There is also a belt across the high back.
Skirt front   Skirt back
Shoulder piece Quiver detail, note toy has it far to low book and edge of armor detail
Front of arm and armor Inside of arm, see strapping Shoulder and vambrace detail
More inside of arm CU of the hand, note toy is painted wrong, see note below  

See more detail over on the Kit page

  • Toy with Elv and orc
  • error in toy
    • If you look at it, you'll see that it wears a two-fingered archer's glove on each hand. Now, anyone who's an archer knows that the only way that would make sense would be if you're ambidextrous. An archer's glove is meant to protect your fingers from the bite of the bowstring, so it's only needed on the nocking hand, not the bow hand. I double-checked when I went to the movie today. The elves wear the archer's glove on their right hand, but on their left all they have is the piece that protects the back of their hand - no fingers. Whoever was in charge of the painting at ToyBiz was a little confused, apparently. :)


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