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Third Age Elf Armor

Armor Index

Armor Details - Picture Detail

(See a few more armor details over Haldir.)

Right now description is scattered throughout.... and pictures are group by exhibition.

Weta, 2003.  From spy Lalaith.  (Actually she had permission.)

(click for high rez version)

(click for high rez version)
The following shots are all based on these  5 main pictures but have been enhanced for the area that they represent.
(click for high rez version)
(click for high rez version)
The lighting on this one really shows up all the metal coloring in the fabrics.
(click for high rez version)
Side view of helmet.  Notices plain rope ties in back to size the helmet
Close up of the detailing on the nose fin
Closer detail of the ties in the back of the helmet.  There are two adjustment points: one in the back across the base of the skull the other pulls down from the top and attaches to the braided  multicolored cord. Helmet fin

Note the fine flaring on the edge of the decorations.  This can be seen in many

another  enhancement of the fin
Chest piece and elven maille dickey (false shirt)  Note how the little fabric pieces of the "maille" stick up when curved.  Note edge is bound This is the same bronze fabric under the hip pieces.  It lays flat and almost looks woven Here's the chest piece under a different enhancement.  Not all pieces are the same color.
Side detail of the chest swirl The shoulder piece, the swirls work the same way the helmet does. The sleeve is a mini diamond pattern, with a bit of glitter. The sleeve is very tight fitting and looks like it loops over a finger to keep it sleek and in place. 2nd pattern is a close up of the same fabric lightened.
Center front design of the chest.  The small swirls and the center point medallion Medallion, a bit fuzzy but the correct "enamel" colors Better picture of the medallion's design.

Per the Weta team, these change based on which house the elf is from.

Shoulder The bright red  is the underarm strapping.  This same strapping is used at the wrist (seen on the toy). The strapping on the other shoulder.
Note the button.  This can be seen on both sides.  It looks like it it fastens on the hood. Can see the bucket better here.  One side of the strap is wide, the other narrow where the tough of the belt threads through. Here's the button on the other shoulder.  Leather "shirt" shows at the side.  Color is not this bright.
Leather "shirt" and hip armor.  Look bottom right and see a bit of elastic that helps help these together. Hip area again from a slightly different angle.  Can see the start of the elven maille skirtting. Another hip view.
Pattern on the lowest piece of the hit armor Second from the bottom pattern Third from the bottom pattern
An ECU of the rivets on the hip armor.  Note that even they have a pattern. Best shot of the bottom 4 armor pieces.  Note the maille underneath.  Edges are bound Closer shot, bottom of armor and a bit of the underskirting under the maille.  The toy shows this metal fabric as being 4 pieces, but we don't know enough about it. Looks almost like a sash instead.
Elven armor display at ROM in Toronto, 2002 (high rez of pic)  
Brest plate detail. Hip area detail Detail on fins of hip area.  Note intricate embossing
Enhanced, Elves on Parade, ROTK Wellington Premier

Pics thanks to Sytske

London Exhibit
Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here:
or click here for high rez

Observations in person

  • Report from Ty about the armor in Te Papa
    • It was beautifully chased and draped, the armor composed of steel highlighted with brass over two pieces that will drive reproducers mad. The undersleeves may look like a fine chain mail, but they're not; they're a black fabric patterned with close silver diamonds. The armor "skirt" looks like a below-the-knee scale mail hauberk split for riding, but it's thousands of fingernail-sized pieces of silver leather patterned like fine lizard skin and sewn to a backing. Somebody went crazy to make this one! The cloak and underskirt were of grey Lorien cloak fabric and silver fabric respectively
  • From FIDM, 2003 - Cat
    • The little scales are little diamond shapes with slightly rounded edges.  These look like little bits of leather or faux textured leather.  They're an auroa-bronze in color.  These are about fingernail size.  It's has a very lizard texture.
  • From FIDM, 2003 - Tammy
    • The hip armor is joined at the back by elastic. You can see the thin strips of it as it hangs off the mannequin. There are also hidden rivets joining the pieces together, the elastic is NOT what holds them together.
  • From Comic Con, 2003 - Tammy
    • The underskirt of the elven archer is metalic stretch velvet
3rd age elf armor, with cloak and bow.  FIDM 2003 Side of armor

(or click for high rez)

Side of elven helmet.  Note hood is softly shaped and simple Shoulder piece
Hip and abdomen area.  Also note belt at waist across the leather under tunic.  It seems to help hold the point in place Elf vambrace and gauntlet.  Note even here the leaf motif is used as the gauntlet is in shaped pieces

Neiman Marcus Exhibit

There are some new details here since we don't see the whole outfit, just the outer shell.  Check out the strapping.

(or high rez here)
Side detail
Under the arm Snaps, lower hip
Underside of the pauldron
Top of shoulder.  Note clear strapping holding pieces together
Elven Helmet

More pictures

Comic Con 2003 - dressing an elf

Extra collections of elven pictures


Construction Suggestions

Since the elven armor is made from polypropyline plastic, it makes sense to built your own armor out of plastics and paper machee. 

  • Check out

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