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Gil-Galad's armor, very high rez, slow load High rez, another angle for the armor Gil-Galad's crown

Gilgalad's armor, it looks like golden embroidery/couching on royal blue.  (Dawn) Enhanced to bring up shoulder fabric Enhanced to bring up lower fabrics.  Looks like just gold braid on the edges

(or high rez here)



Gil-Galad's Collar

Lightened to bring up collar detail
Gilgalad's collar. His hair covers the top portion of both sides, and rather then guessing, I just ended the design. One version is in colour, showing the various colours on the collar, the other is just black and white. The inner square with the stars - the stars are 8 pointed by the looks of things. The design is like that on decipher cards like .  Look in the top right corner of the card.   (or it may be 4 , 5 and 6 like ). however it was getting too small for me to trace. The circles represent the placement of those stars.




There was also a banner in a glass case that  was constructed of appliqué work.  The banner of GilGalad was somewhat unusual.  This was in a case just past the Arwen Bedroom set near the exit.  This appeared to be a ripped and torn bit of velvet/velveteen.  The stars appeared to be thin leather appliquéd to the velvet.


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