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Arwen, Elven Princess

Arwen’s role has been expanded though out Lord of the Rings.   While she barely  appears in the 1st book,  Fellowship of the Ring, she has a couple of memorable scenes in Peter Jackson’s original movie.  For the first movie, even with her limited screen time she has an amazing amount of costume changes.  More dresses are in the extended version.

The Two Towers continues Arwen's amazing costume changes, though we will have to wait for the extended version for some of the dresses.

The Return of the King brings old classics.  However, they are some of the most beautiful.

Below you will find an intro study of what we know about her outfits, photos we were able to find on the web, comments from published pictures and some guesses for recreating them. 

Arwen's dresses are the most reproduced of any of the female costumes, check out Scrapbook to see our examples.

Arwen's Index

(most of the dresses are on a separate page to speed up the load time.)  Here is a quick index, scroll down a picture review of the dresses

(picture index)

Fellowship of the Rings

Dresses confirmed in the original cut of the movie (in order seen).

Angel dress / Halo dress

Come back to the light

Full page of notes <here>

Chase Outfit (V4)

“If you want him, come and claim him

In a chase scene far superior to any recent car chases, Arwen outraces the Ring Wraith’s while carrying the wounded Frodo.  Her dove gray outfit is mostly seen from far away or as extreme close ups. 

We've started studying it.  Whole page <here>

Bridge Dress

For you I will forsake the immortal life of my people


Full Page of notes <here>

Fellowship of the Rings, not in original cut

The extended version also shows  Rivendell Farewell   dress

The Two Towers

Arwen is only in The Two Towers in remembrance though Aragorn's dreams.  Once again she has an amazing wardrobe for someone who isn't there.

Rivendell Farewell - Purple Metallic Brocade

Identifying Photo:

Beautiful metallic brocade dress.  Purple in some posed pictures, is a light golden-brown with the "grading".

Seen in the extended version of FOTR, TTT and ROTK.

For a page of detail, <click here>

Art by Eledaia  

Dream Dress (was Periwinkle Lingerie)

See our page write-up <here>

 Hope Dress - Off the shoulder - Burgundy Velvet -

"I believe there is still hope"

The Hope dress is constructed of lovely burgundy velvet with an ultra wide cowl neck.  It has long beaded sleeves.

Click on the picture for a whole page of details

Requiem  Outfit (aka Traveling)

Two part dress of blue-grey velvet with beaded sleeve accents with a wonderful cloak of a grey patterned velvet that drapes beautifully.

See our page write-up, click <here>.


Mourning Dress

Dark midnight blue human-style dress with row of metal buttons down the front.  She wears a veil after Aragorn's death and moments later is seen wearing a dark cloak.

See our page write-up, click <here>

Cranberry Velvet

On a glimpse.   It is a luscious cranberry velvet, low scooped neck with two inch wide bullion trim.

For a page of our info, click here

Return of the King

We see the Rivendell Farewell and the Requiem dress  repeated here

Blood Red - two part

Two part gown. Dark midnight blue velvet  with dark red sleeves of velvet.

To see detailing on this dress, <click here>

Midnight Cloak

Cloak of midnight blue.  Seen here and in the flash forward in TTT

Click here for page

Ceremonial gown - Green dress 

    Green two-part dress with heavy lace sleeves and a wonderfully detailed elven head piece. (Originally called the wedding dress)

Identifying photo:

May be seen in the extended version of ROTK

Arch dress - w/ Elrond (also Blue Lace)

This dress is not seen in the original LOTR: FOTR movie.  However, the Visual Companion introduces Arwen standing in a moonlit arch in a beautiful light lavender dress with pale pink lining.

There were no pictures off the set of the dress... or so we though until Jen spotted some similarities to the "blue lace" dress.  What then proceeded was a fun week of research.  

Check out our page of pictures and our summary of the mystery - <here>.


Cut from the Movies

Rose Dress

Seen only in the "extras" in the extended DVD version of FOTR.

 Click the picture for a whole page of the Rose Dress!

Arwen's Battle Outfit (Dark maroon dress)

From a deleted storyline when Arwen was going to fight at the battle of  Helm's Deep.  Can be seen some in the extended extra features of TTT

For a page of detail, <click here>

Lavender bead w/ white cape

Click the picture for a page for more photos and with bead detailed.
Preliminary sketch only, sleeve and cloak shape unknown

White Weta Dress


Never scene in the movie, only the Weta statue.

For a page of detail, click here



Head on over to the Things section for pics!




Also see the Rivendell Farewell dress for more pics

Note how delicate Arwen's circlet is.  It's bits of chain that hook in the back.  It's formed from a couple of pieces with jump rings between.

Weta notes: Arwen's farewell tiara is just a last-minute thrown-together piece!  They said they needed a tiara for her and shooting was about to start, so Jasmine took 5 existing pieces of her old jewelry and wired them together in an hour or two.



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