Refinishing the Pendant
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A rendering of the  pendent from the movie (above).

To side, two differently lit pics from the Neiman Marcus window display 

  Just a blury exhibit shot, only enough to see the outline
  • 17 version of the Evenstar pendants were made.  Aragorn wore these all the time and they would get broken or lost during all the action sequences, fighting and mud. (from JCK interview).
    • Originally she made only one, thinking Arwen would give it to Aragorn and that he'd wear it tucked inside his shirt for the rest of the movies (so she made 20 chains with beads on the end to weigh them down).  Viggo liked it so much, however, that he shortened the chain so it could always be seen.  The necklace kept getting ruined and lost, once ending up stuck to the bottom of Viggo's muddy boot!
  • Weta notes:
    • The Evenstar was about "a third longer" originally, but when they tried it on Liv, complete with costume, they realized it was too big and had to cut it down.

Authorized Retailer

Examples of some of the version:

Evita version vs. Rubie's.
(thanks to Fatimah)

Who has worn it

Replacing Crystals

The crystals on the pendent have just been glued in.  They may come loose.

You need a  "15X4 Swarovski navette" in "crystal" color

Check out your local bead stores, e-bay or check our Buy It resources

Refinishing the "Halloween version" to get a better look

Click for a separate detailed page <here>

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