The One Ring
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The One Ring

The One Ring, Casa Loma Exhibit, Toronto

Lamas bread and the One Ring - ROM exhibit, Toronto

The chain and a bit of the ring, on Frodo's party outfit, Neiman Marcus window 2003  

The Writing on the Ring

Picture displayed in laser light on the floor of the Casa Loma exhibit

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One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.

Description of the ring

From London Exhibit, the papers that Gandalf reads from that describe the one ring.  The ring on the black velvet is Gandalf's ring of power.

Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here:

Desk of papers, bottom center page is the ring description.

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Additional Images


Who has worn it (OK, main folks who have)

Ring Facts

  • More than 40 variations were created for the movie.
  • "Q. What size One Ring was used in the movie when we saw it worn on the neckchain?
    • "This was a size 11 ring in 18 carat yellow gold.
  • "Q. What length was the silver neck chain that the One Ring was worn on in the movie?
    • "This was an 65cm long 925 sterling silver Belcher chain supplied by Jens Hansen - Gold & Silversmith."

Fact's from the Artisan's of the movie ring.

Authorized Retailer

The Movie Artisan

More buying notes

  • Laura writes: I purchased one of those bookmarks, too -- they're $2.99 here in Colorado. They come with various characters from the film, (the ones at my local Barnes & Noble were picked over, so I only got Arwen and Boromir) each with its own colored tassel with a ring tied to it. You simply detach the ring from the tassel, and hang it on a silver-toned chain; I made note of the length/size of links in the film, and, in keeping with my thrifty theme, purchased a $1.95 costume-jewelry chain that matched it from a craft store. All in all, about five bucks. Such a mere, small price for a Ring of Power!
    • For the record, Kayta did suggest using the book mark first, but here's cost $5.  <G>

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