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The ultimate evil - a challenge to create.  Most of the type he is seen just as a fiery eye... but his amazing spike edge armor is amazing... and has earned him the nick-name Mr. Spiky.

His Armor

London Pictures

Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here:

I left full grain in these pictures so as to not wipe out any detail.  These started out very dark... the high rez version are un touched up so you can play to your heart delight to get more detail.

(or click here for high rez) Same image as the one to the left,  lightened
(or click here for high rez) Same image as the one to the left, lightened
Helmet Helmet
Brest area detail Arm with ring
Arm with sword CU of sword fist
Legs Legs, another view





Preliminary description of Sauron's armor from the FIDM exhibit.

Standing head and shoulders over al of them is the Sauron armor. It's probably over seven feet tall with helmet and all. It's on it's own wooden base with brass nameplate. I hesitate to call it a costume because it was never meant to be worn. Perhaps the word - CGI COSTUME might be more appropriate. Something to be scanned - not worn. Oh, someone might conceivably wear bits and pieces of it but not the whole thing all together. Too darn spiky and I'm not sure the articulation was as good as it should have been. Armor is very spiky and oddly pieced, shaped, and forged. It has an acid etched pattern repeated over vast areas of the armor.

There was a comment that it wasn't black - not quite - more what they used to darken the armor was not an opaque black but more translucent so it came off somewhat deep brownish in areas. (Reminder, film stock causes color changes, like darkening.) The cape is a dark antique gold lame on the outside, black on the inside.  Done in layers - about 5 of them - and ending in a point that would be on the ground.

It depends, as best I could tell from the shoulder points. It's probably also attached at the neck - but you couldn't see around the back to tell.

He had his left arm up and pointing out into the gallery, the right arm was down and holding his war club?, Mace?, sorcerer's staff??? A six bladed/pointed sucker.

The leg and arm armor was oddly set up. From what I remember most plate leg/arm armor is articulated at the joints and but everything else is in big unbroken pieces. Sauron's armor had numerous overlapping pieces on the legs and arms - so many that I sometimes got confused trying to sketch them all. Just checking out the sketch - there look to be about 17 segments from the hip to the ankle.   

The figure had chain mail on under armor on sleeves and legs. He was wearing black leather gloves with the armored hand pieces strapped on at the wrist. I'm not sure if the hand piece fit over the glove at the fingers or was attached to it. Similar to the Ring Wraith's hand armor but simpler in some ways. Hard to see because of the positioning of the hands. One hand up and out - way above my head so almost impossible to see. Also he was set back from the edge of the exhibit - probably to keep people from touching and knocking him over. Other hand is clenched around mace so again - difficult to see how glove and hand piece look.  Pointed finger tips - look more like metal talons than the Ring Wraiths armored looking finger tips. Did notice that there was what appeared to be an open seam underneath the taloned finger tip?  Body armor is oddly pieced. The torso section has a separate center piece. Odd and not very practical except for the Lord of Mordor. Ain't nobody getting close enough to him to stick a lance, sword or pike in there. Enough on Lord Spiky for now.

Thanks to Fran for the review, extra info by Tammy

Expect sketches soon.

Extra description:

Picture of the 9" toy

His banner

med rez, printable here

Sauron's banner, lightened.  Casa Loma Sauron's banner, high rez, very lightened.  (slow load)  Note the rusted elven armor at center and human crowns below

The making of Sauron - Rob Jan's punny journal as he travels the path

The Salamander Pin

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