Gondor Vambraces
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Vambraces of Gondor

Leather diamond shaped vambrace is edged with fold over leather trim  This is stitched down around the edge just like Strider's outfit.  The tree of Gondor is tolled and silver pained in the lower part.    The rest is tooled in feather pattern. Tooled pattern is best scene in the Visual companion (pg 26 - Aragorn after FOTR final battle)  At top and bottom are black leather pieces that curve partially around, somewhat like a flattened sideways "H".  They are tooled and then worked in silver.  The third layer is straps of leather bolted to the black leather "H".  These straps are on both the upper and lower arm.  The buckets are silver.  Unknown if they are flared like Boromir's other buckles.

There is a softer quitted leather vambrace that is underneath.  This is tan colored.

Boromir, from Neiman Marcus exhibit  
Tree detailing Star top detailing.  Note how 3-D the stars are
  Note detailing on the straps.  Tooled, colored with silver.
Vambrace side detail, actually on Strider at ROM exhibit Vambrace, prelim (needs work, is actually multi-layered)

Neiman Marcus Exhibit, detail on Aragorn

(or high rez image here)    
Just the tree design   The stars in the middle
Side of main is buckled, separate standard lacing under vambrace in a lighter brown underneath.  It is quilted.    
Detailing on lower buckle    

Ok., this is not an original picture, but they're the absolute dead on copy: http://www.kropserkel.com/rangerbracersdeluxe1.jpg   See Scott's scrapbook entry.

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