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Aragorn's Strider Outfit

  Version 2.4  - November, 2004

We've seen these in person, so the notes we have are good, even if the art work is not up to date.


  • fine, grey linen shirt, embroidered around neck and a smocked panel at each shoulder
  • Leather trousers according to 3 different exhibits, although the Weapons & Warfare book claims black woolen hose;
  • tall soft boots
  • long sleeveless jerkin w/braided ties
  • long duster/coat of heavier leather
  • cloak rolled up on back



Strider Outfit Index


General pictures and details

Strider costume from London exhibit

(or here for high rez)

Same outfit, lightened for details

Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here:



(higher rez pic)

Detail from ROM, look at the texture of the cloak and detail on the belt   (higher rez pics here)
    belt and bottom detail
Aragorn's Strider outfit (From Casa Loma) (lightened to show detail) Lightened and enhanced to show stitching.

There are braided ties on his boots, duster and jerkin.  They're all finished differently on the edges, but all look to be the same braiding.



In it's own section <here>

Grey Shirt

In it's own section <here>


Click <here> for details






Original Cloak

The cloak looks almost leather, but in all likelihood, it is a wool that has been heavily fulled and weathered that give it almost a shine.

The basic shape is a rectangle slit up the center front (or has a long narrow "U" cut out of it.).  The cloak is as wide as the fabric, probably 60".  The length is lower calf.  The hood is a simple rectangle attached to the "U".

Ends are very ragged. Do not finish the ends.  Use a stiff wire brush to beat up the ends.  Other aging techniques <here>.


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