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Strider's Trousers

V 2.0 - May 2004

We've got a mix up here.... and haven't figured out which is right... or if there was  change in the costume design someplace.


  • From FIDM exhibit dresser, 2002
    • Leather, standard zip in front
    • Black?
    • Just standard leather trousers, per a dresser at the exhibit


  • From Weapons and Warfare book and NM 2003 window
    • black wool hose
    • Lace up front seen when Aragorn is Fighting Lurtz
    • these are more than likely what we see when he's at Rivendell for the meeting and relaxing with Arwen.


This is the lower part of the jerkin from the NM exhibit.  The picture starts at waist level.    Note: we can see a pair of black laces  

Making them

Basically, the sky seems to be the limit. 

If you have a pair of black leather pants that will fit tucked into books, go for it.

You could make slightly baggy woolen trousers... try any of the belly dance, or pull on pant patterns like scrubs.  To go for more detail... Change the elastic to draw string and add a false lace up front.  If you don't want to go for the wool, a lot of low nap stretch velvet is used for the guys trousers (since it's very comfortable).  Try it here.

In a pinch, no one would scream if you wore dark black jeans, since very little show.

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