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Strider's Duster

V 4.0 - Nov, 2003

Strider costume from London exhibit

(or here for high rez)

Many more pictures on the made Strider page.

(From Casa Loma)  
Front of Strider's Duster.  Note it laces completely under the arm and the sides.  The shoulders are fake lacing and actually stitched in place.  Everything but bottom edge and sleeves are wrapped in leather.

There are 5 braided ties


Duster tie is made out of the same braided leather cord as on the duster.  Note the coat color looks right here. Neck line detail.  Note stitching  


Detail of the lacing under the arm and sides Detail of duster and jerkin lacing. 1/2 inch fold-over leather braid forms edge binding.  Machine stitched down.  Holes are cut slights just wide enough to lace flat leather lacing though. (Ver2, FIDM confirmed final.)
Highly magnified detail showing how the leather is joined at the waist.  Uses baseball stitch to butt the two edges together. Main duster tie, cropped and highlined to bring out detail. Braided cord. See how it is coiled slightly where it is sewn to the duster.  Long loose ends.
Detail of inside sleeve, (prelim, edging is more frayed at the bottom that drawn here.) Left arm
  The plain sleeve.  Note frayed edge.  Also, note how pacing edge is finished off at wrist level.  Sleeve comes down over knuckles
Note ragged edge of duster.  This has been lightened so the green color of the duster is lost  

Misc notes

  • Duster edging 
    • leather fold over trim for the edging. (showing about 1/2 or 5/8 inch wide.  It is folded in half... so cut strips inch+ wide) If not use double fold seam binding. Goes around everything but the end of the sleeve and bottom of the duster.
  • Ties
    • Shirt ties are plain old nylon ties, in black.  Other ties are that very thin braded leather -- boot ties, jerkin ties, coat tie. Each end is finished a bit differently, but that have somewhere too. 
  • Interview bits
    • The duster (which she just calls "coat"): "There is a very beautiful piece of leather on one arm of his coat that is very heavily leather-worked and has a lot of leather-thread embroidery on it. The ides is that that was there because it was for protection"
      • LOTR: FCOMM, V4, "The Costumes of Middle-earth: An Interview with Ngila Dickson" by Dan Madsen
  • Jen RD's notes
    • I found that garment weight (plonge) leather worked very well for
      both the duster and the vest.  You can sew it with a regular sewing machine (use a leather needle).  I used a machine to sew the coat panels together at the shoulder.  Almost every panel of the coat then has leather bound edges and I was able to do that on my sewing machine as well.  I just cut a ton of 1 inch wide strips, folded them over the edge and stitched them through the 3 layers.  I used a leather punch to put the lacing holes in all the pieces.
    • I get my leather from www.hidehouse.com .  It runs about $85 per half hide, or split.  The garment weight comes in several colors.  I used the rough side out for the suede vest.  I used most of one split for the vest and 1.5 splits for the duster. 


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