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Strider's Jerkin

Aragorn's sleeveless jerkin is worn in FOTR under his duster and in TTT over his Maille

Jerkin is dark brown suede.  Sleeveless, ties in front.  Laced in front to waist. Stitched in back to waist.  All edges but bottom are edged in leather strips.  Bottom edge is very irregular.  The back is about 2" longer than the front.  The jerkin is heavily distress and patched on every piece.  Some patches are suede, some are the smoother leather.

(Thanks to Kentelo for extra notes)

Most of these pictures are from the Neiman Marcus 2003 window    
(or here for high rez) (or here for high rez)  
Lacings are tied into knots and attached.  The edges  of the braided leather are bound clean    

Enhanced detail of the tie placement on Strider's jerkin, shirt and duster Jerkin details.  Braded cord is knotted ad attached. That stitch line really does exit in center front near waist.  It is a join in the hides and is not symmetrical.


Basic jerkin pattern.  preliminary: 
Arm holes need to be a bit more curved, as would the neck area.  These would be wrapped in leather too. 
Detail of duster and jerkin lacing. 1/2 inch fold-over leather braid forms edge binding.  Machine stitched down.  Holes are cut slights just wide enough to lace flat leather lacing though. (Ver2, FIDM confirmed final.) Here's the front, waist down.  The ties stop at the waist.  The front edge is bound all the way down to the front and stitched The bottom edge of the jerkin is a raw tattered edge.
Front of the jerkin.  Patched and repaired.  Some repairs are raw Looks like two hides were joined here.  
The edge of the jerkin is just finished with a bound edge that is stitched down.   Front edge.  Bound also.  More weathered than the armhole.


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