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Aragorn's Council Velvets

-- Aragorn Rivendell Outfit and Dream Sequence Tunic

  June 2004, V3.0

Note, we've not had time to work on this since the DVD, so please excuse the pics being out of order.  We do have a bit more info on him... and will get it posted as we can. 

Please take time to go though the available screen caps to clear up the question areas

Describing the Rivendell Outfit

This outfit is only seen in Rivendell for a short time so we do not have a large description.  It's worn for the bridge romance with Arwen and at the Rivendell council over the fate of the one ring.

Just the brocade undertunic is worn during the "dream" sequence with Arwen.

Basic description:  Soft grey velvet sleeveless surcoat .  It is worn over a long sleeved diamond patterned black and silver tunic.  We have grouped Rivendell pictures together.

  We now know that the embroidery also goes down the front of the yoke  
  • Articles worn during Rivendell Council and the meeting on the bridge:
    • Velvet Sleeveless surcoat
    • Brocade Under tunic
    • Boots
    • Trousers
    • No hat or cloak with this outfit.
  • Dream Sequence
    • Brocade Under tunic
    • Trousers
    • No shoes


  • Very little we know about them. 
    • They can be seen in the long shots at the Rivendell bridge.
    • Assumption, probably a version of elf boots (since he was raised there) but loose fit of boots makes that questionable.
  • Description:
    • Flat heeled
    • Do not look fitted
    • Assumed to be free of mud.
    • We have confirmation that these are the "Strider" boots.


  • Know little  about them.
    • Assume that they're the same soft woolen trousers he wears with his strider outfit.  They are tucked into his boot tops
    • They are drawstring and fly laces.

Under tunic (also single layer during the Dream sequence)

  • Pictures show minimal details in FOTR.  Best shot up close is from the official screen saver and the few moments in the dream sequence.
  • Fabric
    • Silver metallic and black brocade in a diamond pattern - aprox 1/2 to 3/4 inch
      • Black threads form the raised diamond edges
      • Inside of diamond is mostly silver with black design (not heavily raised)
      • Speculation: look for this fabric with the opposite colors.  What we see may technically be the  back side of the fabric.  (We do have documented evidence that other fabrics were used inside out.)
    • Medium-heavy weight fabric
      • Thin for a brocade, but somewhat stiff
      • Would make a smooth underlining for the soft surcoat
  • Description:
    • Basic pattern
      • High Mandarin collar, long sleeved narrow 3/4 length tunic
        • 3/4 length
        • Opens side front with buttons from side of neck down to waist.
        • Does not appear that there are any other
    • Long sleeved
      • No cuffs but sleeve appear to flare out just slightly a few inches from the end of the sleeve.  There are two buttons on the end the the sleeve..
      • Sleeves are fitted into body of the tunic - armscye curve
        • How know?  There is no bunching of fabric under the arm and no dropped shoulder needed for a straight cut.
      • Sleeve isn't quite modern normal... what is it?
        • tad of an elf wrap, at the underarm wrist seam.
        • two fairly large buttons at curr
    • High collar
      • Stand up collar is a separate pattern piece from the body of the tunic
      • About a two inch wide  stand-up collar.  Drops down to a point in front.
    • Closure
      • buttons down the side, shoulder to waist/

Surcoat - Outer Tunic

  • We have only minimal pictures since the outfit is seen only in Rivendell.  Even the color is slightly questionable given that all scenes in Rivendell have a yellowish cast.  However, we've since gotten some images that are not adjusted.
  • Fabric:
    • Surcoat is thin silk velvet.  Color is silver/grey.
      • Why the color mix up?  Color grading.
  • Description:
    • Sleeveless surcoat with basically a sweet-heart neckline and yoke.  It opens completely down the front, buttoned to the waist.  3/4 length tunic. Belted and tunic slightly bloused.
      • Closures:  4 silver decorated buttons, top to waist.
      • Belt: silver buckle, wrapped around the bucket and knotted.  the rest hangs down.  Belt is about two inches wide.
    • Yoke area
      • This is a separate attached yoke.  Given the embroidery, it is assumed that it is interfaced to give the neck area proper body. 
        • Sewn embroidery surrounds the neck opening.  Pattern follows the curve of the yoke.  Pattern runs down the front opening of the yoke and then the same pattern is repeated farther down own the bottom edge of the yoke.
      • Collar edge of the yoke is definitely piped, maybe in metallic silver.  The under edge of the yoke is probably finished the same way, but it's not definite.  The edge may just be turned under and stitched down.
    • Embroidery
      • Yoke embroidery is in two rows and is tone on tone.  It is very hard to tell from the pictures we have.  However, adjusting the brightness and contrast on the monitor (or popping an image into Photoshop) brings up a leaf pattern.  Also goes down the front of the yoke.
      • White we still can't get a perfect look at the embroidery, the pattern does appear to be about 6"-8" then repeats.

Early guess of embroidery patters around the neck.  This is not correct because it is a more complex pattern than this which we're still working on. However, if you're going for a general design it will work

Open questions:

  • Surcoat
    • Yoke on surcoat - piping.  Self piping or silver metallic?  Are both the top and bottom of the yoke piped the same?
  • Under tunic
    • Slits? No slits, fasten on the side all the way to the waist, then open


   Basic pattern of the velvet sleeveless surcoat. Rough sketch of the diamond pattern fabric of the inner tunic.

Main contributions thanks to Judy, Tammy and Cat.



Picture Links

In the library

The bridge

The Weta Statue

Note buttons on cuff    

These photos are all two shots of Arwen and Argon whispering sweet elven phrases to each other. 

Full council meeting at Rivendell



Just the undertunic - from TTT dream sequence



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