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Grima Wormtongue

Overrobe: black flecked with gold, fishtail train.  Skirt, linen.

Kyra's ROM report: A big cloak with wide, gathered, bagged sleeves almost as long at the cloak, and a weird collar of smocked velvet and dull bronze paint. The collar's huge- it sits high at the back, and then curves down across the shoulders and chest, and ties at mid chest height. Think ladies' fur stole kind of fit. He's wearing two long robes underneath, a dull yellowy-orange one with a high smocked collar, and a devour velvet one with a round neck overtop, and trimmed with bronze braid. I gather from picture that the velvet one has tight sleeves, and there are arm slits in the cloak sleeves.

Galadriel FIDM Report: The coat and the u-drape over it are made of the same fabric, which is a black velveteen with an imprinted pattern on it. 

The U drape is basically an over robe that is attached to the "wooly"yoke.  Bascially, it is two LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG pieces
attached at the back (meeting center back) whose ends are brought up around the sides and attached to the front of the yoke (meeting center front, where there is a closure).

The "wooly" looking collar on the u-drape is actually scrunched up fabric that is closed in the front with tassel ties. The lining for the u-drapes is the same fabric used for the sleeves underneath the open, lattice-like black fabric.  This lining/sleeve fabric is really beautiful - it's somewhat subtle, but it shimmers gold when the light catches it.

The underrobe to all of this is a burnt-out fabric, possibly silk, with copper metallic threads woven into it.  The pattern is kind of a tendril-shape, and the picture I drew of it looks vaguely like a fleur-de-lis.  All this is draped over a yellowy-gold satin. The lattice-like black fabric used on the sleeve is also used along the neckline of the underrobe.  It encircles his neck at about 2 1/2" wide, with trim along the top and bottom.  The fabric under the lattice-like stuff is pin-tucked shimmer fabric, I believe the same gold-shimmer fabric used for the lining of the u-drapes and the undersleeves.  This gives the collar an overall orangey-gold appearance.  The collar over the neck is dingy smocked fabric, and the pic on ACS is the best I've seen of it. The belt is stamped leather.  The boots are black
leather.  He carries an antique lace hankie. EVERYTHING is distressed to look old and dirty. Don't forget his necklace.

Grima's medallion is made out of glass to simulate onyx. 

Detailed images from the ROM exhibit.  Look at the wonderful  velvet detail on his yoke/collar
(click for high rez of same)  
Yoke and tie detailing Neck smocking detail

Check out smocking instructions <here>.



For even more pictures checkout Dourif Net: http://www.dourif.net/images/lordoftherings.html

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