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Eomer's battle gear

(higher rez, same pic)

Eomer's Armor

ROM exhibit

Lightened, to show detail
Helm.  Note horse detailing on the nose guard Shoulder detailing.  Mix of leather work, riveted plates and maille

(Higher rez, same pic)

Center detail on the breast plate.  Note the leather piping, piecework and stamping. Belt and maille detail
Eomer's armor, FIDM 2003 Same picture, different exposure


  • Decorate leather armor
    • Chest plate
    • Pauldron (shoulders)
    • Vambraces (lower arms)
    • Greaves (legging)
  • Hauberk - maille shirt
  • Diamond shaped scale "maille" tassets (cavalry leg protection)
  • Dark green suede(?) gambeson, mandarin collar
  • ?

Picture Links

ROM Notes - Frank
  • "sleeve on this armour. It is definitely plastic, and most of the rings were glued shut. "
  • "ring dimensions at 1/2" outside diameter pipe, cut into 1/16" thick rings."

Construction Tips

Jedi Elven Queen's how-to pages on Eomer's Armor from Fabric and Fun Foam


Eomer's Royal Gear

Muck of the costume is the same, or at least the identifiable pieces... like chest armor, vambraces, sword, and probably boots.



Full length dark green tunic, split front and back for riding.  Heavy embroidery down split

Full length green cloak over the whole outfit.  Looks like it may be shaped.  Heavy embroidery along the edges.

Off Duty

Scene during the "hail the victorious dead" scene and the "fireside" scene. Only views are  2 - one is a long shot and the other dark

He is wearing a long sleeve tunic-possibly grey or green -grey ( in the fire light it looks browner with a reddish cast) with a high neck mandarin collar in a smooth but slightly textured fabric (fine wool?) with a reddish or reddish brown long vest or jerkin over it. The vest is more nubby textured, almost like homespun, a coarser weave than the undertunic.  You can see the collar under his armor-and the material- clearly in the scene where the horses are spooked by the mountain.

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