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This section is just started.  If you want to do any breakdown descriptions, please feel free to volunteer.

Eastering armor (ROM Exhibit 2002 Toronto) (high rez image here)  
Helmet close up Arm and shoulder CU Leg detailing
(or high rez here) (or high rez here)  
with banner closer, lightened  
Gauntlet combo... note regular gloves under the fancy outer layer   Upper arm detailing
  Throat plate  

consists of wrap pants and a loose-ish tunic, and appears to be made of relatively light silks

pictures thanks to Calaquendi,  Green Leaf, Sytske, and ToRN's Wellington gallery

Front of helm, note liner used for eye, too side side back
  detailing on front of helm writing detail on head scarf.  Gold paint


The Tunic appears to be made of something light and breathable, possibly silk but not 'shiny'. It falls to the knees and is split in the middle.  It may have a basic, boat neckline, only higher. The sleeves reach a little bit past the wrist, maybe even to the second joints of the fingertips. The fabric does pool under some of the odds and ends. 


The trousers seem to be a basic pair of wrap pants but the leg armour covers the majority of them. They are apparently made of a deeper maroon than that of the tunic.


Helmet, shoulder pads, upper leg protectors, knee pads, chest armour, belt, and vambraces.

The shoulder pad straps are apparently leather or something like that, and buckle under the arms.

The facecloth appears to fall rather loosely, but not excessively so, over the face, and is hooked to something on the Helm.

Reference Pics


Bits from an Easterling extra

The Easterling costume was one of the more comfortable costumes I wore, apart from the "Mk. 1" breastplates which had a sharp point at the end which could be hazardous if you sat down too quickly. "Mk. 2" breastplates changed this so that the sharp point was "hinged" on a piece of leather. The costume was loose and layered, so it kept you cool when it was hot and warm when it was cold. The helmet provided good visibility, and was much better than the Uruk Hai mask/helmet setup, which was terrible - you could only see directly in front of you as an Uruk Hai. The armour moved freely and provided good protection (getting hit with prop weapons hurts :^P). It was also very easy to eat in

Study pages:

For suggestions on how to make an Easterling outfit, check out Claire's page < http://www.freewebs.com/twixlestars/Easterlings.htm  >

Extra bits from the HHC Easterlings

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