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The White Lady of Rohan does not make her appearance until The Two Towers, but excitement built about her costumes as it because apparent that she might be almost as much as a clothing horse as Arwen.

Although she does have at least one White Gown, most of her clothes seen so far are blue-gray and brown, and they're often layered, making separate outfit identification a little difficult at this stage. Ties above the elbows are very common, perhaps appearing in every long-sleeved garment.

Eowyn's Quick Index


Below is the "picture" index of Eowyn's dress and misc information.  or will be once it's finished

Green Gown

Click on the pic for a whole page on the green gown

White Wool Dress

Click the picture for a whole page on the white wool dress.

White toy is with this

Funeral Garb

Click the picture for details on her Funeral Garb, a blue velvet dress and lighter blue wool  cloak.

Eowyn Refugee Outfit

Click here to go to the refugee outfit

Fur Edged Coat (aka Traveling Coat)

Worn over the refugee outfit

Click here to go to the page

 KO - Kickin' Orc Outfit

Cut out of TTT.  Worn with the Shield Maiden vest

Click here to go to the page

Shield Maiden

Click the pic for full details on Eowyn's Shield Maiden outfit.  It is much more complex than a vest and a cream chemise.

Also includes the camp skirt.

Victory Outfit (aka Ice Blue)

Click here to go to the page

or Here for just the ice blue coat

Beacon Gown

Click here to go to the page

Riding Outfit (aka Interview)

Click here to go to the page

Dernhelm - Armor

Click here to go to the page

Starry Mantle

Click here to go to the page

Coronation Gown & Cloak

Click here to go to the page


  • Nothing at this point

Jewelry and Accessories

Click the pic to check out Eowyn's Accessories.  This will also have links to all her bits of jewelry and her belt

Tack and Sword

Main researcher and section edited by Alison.  Thanks hordes to all the detective work done by Jen and Judy on these dresses.

Lots more pictures at Admiring Miranda's photo gallery

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