Shield Maiden
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Eowyn's Shield Maiden Outfit

Alternate name - Cream Chemise and Brown Vest. Also the brown camp skirt

Very fuzzy over lit example of the Shield Maiden dress Better focus, if you ignore the thumb
Band of embroidery at the top of the corset Very fuzzy, cu of the 3 rows.  Note there is no separation between the 3 lines but the look can be "faked" with 3 rows of trim

The following images have not yet been edited.  Some will be blurry, others very fuzzy.. I'll get them adjusted as soon as I have time. And get them organized by description




"Art of ROTK", quote from Ngila Dickson

"I am always asked which costumes are my favorites and my answer has always been none, but here is one of the exceptions.  This dress epitomized for me the crossover between woman and warrior, the enduring conflict in Eowyn's character.  The fabric of the dress is the softest silk, with very detailed pin-tucking and embroidery at the neck.  We hand-wove the lacing that holds the sleeve back - an important element for fighting as we didn't want Eowyn to be inhibited by the volume of fabric in the sleeve.  The rich brown suede of the corset is quilted, then embroidered in a delicate gold thread.  It took a lot of experimentation to get the balance of the embroidery right - adding decoration while still keeping a practical value to the garment as a whole."


Cream Chemise

  •  Full length gown, cream damask- cream on cream woven pattern of swirls.
  • Fabric has been confirmed as silk
    • From NZ Herald article interview w/ Ngila, 12/02
  • Odd shaped neck, not a V or a keyhole. 
    • The fabric is gathered into the neck line slightly.  There looks  to be a half inch facing or trim around the top edge.
    • Pin tucks all around the key hole and neck
  • Narrow hem on sleeves and bottom of skirt
  • Very interesting effect on the sleeves
    • Sleeves appear to be bloused up and held in place with ties.  Bottom of the sleeves are open and go most of the way to the ground.  They end mid calf.
    • A guess is that these sleeves are a lot more complicated than they look, but will need to check whether movie comes out.  The lower sleeve is pulled up a bit and it's narrower tie is attached to the arm ties.
      • A close look at the cream braided ties... and they appear to be secured to a band of the same fabric, not actually wrapped around the sleeves.  From a film point of view, it makes sense for continuity.  Then that begs the question if the top "puffs" are mounded on another sleeve to keep them pulled though all her movements.
      • Note, in some version, they are just tied. the band is not there.  However, something still seams to be holding them in place.
  • Fabric looks like it could be a fine linen or silk.  Odds are it's more likely to be a linen jacquard.  The weight is reminiscent of a fine table cloth.
    • Note: jacquard is just defines a weave (like tapestry, but all one color).
  • Note the same hair and sleeves are a piece of the composite  on the "white toy dress".

Open Questions:

  • What is the nature of this corset/vest? Is it dark overgarment, or is it the corset of maille that Eowyn wears as a mark of rank to lead her people in hiding?
    • Not maille, suede
  • Are there two layers to the white dress (white & off-white/cream)?
    • Yes, we've seen it
  • Are the sleeves split? on the cream at least
  • Is the corset the same one as seen in the ‘KO’ Outfit?  YES, see description there

Some preliminary sketches are <here>

Work area

Please do not copy any pictures out from this area.  We are working on correcting them... and if these get out in the wild... we're never get the corrections out there properly

    Now know that there are at least 7 rows  there are  buttons or hooks keeping it closed
Sleeve comments, there are probably multiple version of the silk... to hold the sleeves prettily in place.
sleeve spec by gena sleeve spec by lady Eowyn shieldmaiden of rohan We know now that the sleeves are two part, but this is a quick version


Fabric suggestion:

    • it's a silk paisley jacquard, doesn't have the stripe as well, but pretty close otherwise
  • Fabric requirements:
    • I used about 11 yards?  I think my first order was for 8 yards, my second was for three.  There's 6 yards in the skirt, about a yard and a half in each sleeve and about half a yard in the bodice.
    • == Katherine

Maggie's study page for the Shield Maiden:

Check out Koshka's study page.  It includes corset drafting info:

Brown "Camp Skirt"

Simple skirt that is probably layered on top of the shield maiden outfit.  Waist band and straight gathered.  just like a hobbit shirt.  Looks at this, however, this skirt is made out of silk and tightly gathered at a 2.5:1 or 3:1 ratio.  (3 inches of fabric for ever one inch of waist). 

Slightly lighter brown than the vest.  May have a woven pattern in it.

The skirt is hemmed a tad high so that we can just seen the tip of her brown boots.

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