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Eowyn's Fur Edged Coat

Version 2.1, July 2004 - 

Alternate Names - Brown Fur Coat or Traveling Coat or Travel Coat or Fur Edged Travel Coat

King Theoden orders his people, the Rohan to leave Edoras and make for the refuge of Helm’s Deep. When they are threatened with an attack by Wargs and Orcs, Theoden asks her to lead them on, despite her plea to stay and fight with them.  

This coat is worn over the Refugee Outfit on the trek to Helm's Deep

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A long-sleeve coat made of rich light brown matelasse fabric and trimmed with about 2 inches (5 cm) of dark brown fur at the neckline, sleeve and skirt hem.  Matelasse is a specially woven fabric that is a heavily pattern textured jacquard.  The pattern a vaguely flower and leaf like, but only vaguely.

The neckline is a gently shaped "V", showing about 3 inches of the blue shift from the Refugee outfit  at center front of the neck and 1-2 inches at the shoulder edge of the neck.

The top half of the coat fits snugly and then gently flares out.  The bottom edges is about ankle-length in the back, then sweeps up gently to about mid-calf in the front.  It is split up the center-front to about hip-line.

The front of the coat appears to close with a beautiful geometric gold pin and then 8 little gold and pear buttons down the front to mid hip.  They are about 2 inches apart. The front edge of the coat is bound chocolate brown 1/4 binding tape from top to bottom.  This is a false front... the coat does not really open down the front.  It is sealed shut to give a clean line.  Of course this leads to an interesting problem, how does the coat go on?  Zipper in the back or is the fabric stretchy enough.

The flared sleeves look to be lined with a dark brown fabric, not fur. The sleeves are a standard set-in sleeve pattern. The sleeves are tight to the elbow.  They are bound with matching brown cord, looped about 4 times around her upper arm, knotted just above the elbow with the two ends hanging loose. The lower half of the sleeve flares into a 'bell-shaped'...  with the shortest point of it reaching to about the fingertips.

The textured pattern in the fabric on the sleeves goes in the opposite direction to the direction that it would normally be, which suggests that the sleeve pattern was laid out opposite to the other pieces.

Brooch pattern, the center stone is a tad smaller.  This is domed, not flat.  (Idril) Matelasse fabric pattern.  Approximate size


Open questions:

  • How is this dress fastened?
    • Is there an invisible zipper down down the back.
      • we haven't been able to see one.
    • There is no way that the front could be a zip or hook and eye because we have an ultra high rez picture we can look at.  The seam close is too perfect under the buttons to even be hiding an invisible zipper.
    • Matelasse fabric does have a bit more of a stretch than most wovens... but would it be enough to pull this coat on over the head

Construction comments

Pattern Pieces

This coat is very simple and easy to construct.  There are only 3 main pattern pieces.  You can make a decision to make it very tight or looser.  It will probably be best to make the front buttons functional.  If you do that, make the coat a little loose so that the button's do not pull.

A number of folks have made up this coat.  (See the Scrapbook section under Human.)  

Fabric suggestions

It is going to be very difficult to find the exact fabric in color and pattern if not impossible.

  • A matelasse fabric in correct color and pattern is going to be very difficult or almost impossible to locate.
  • A nice nubby fabric w/o out the matelasse pattern would make a less expensive substitute.  It could be made from wool.
  • A coarse woven would also work.  Look for a stiffer fabric so that the sleeves and skirt section hold their soft flaring shape


Calf length brown suede boots.  Lance on inside ankle


Her only jewelry is her Gold and Lapis Medallion Pin that fastens just under the top fir trim.  Follow the link for details.


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Section editors: Alison and Cat

Check out Katherine's Study Page: http://www.koshka-the-cat.com/coat.html

Check out Maggie's Study Page with costume stills



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