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Eowyn's Coronation Gown

Version 2.5 -  December, 2004

Eowyn stands next to Farimir and greet the King together.  Just a look between the two.  There is a wedding in their future too.

From "Art of ROTK", quote from Ngila Dickson

"I took the gold, which is always a detail in Rohan royal clothes, and made it the signature of this gown--expressing the joy of this day.  The dress is made from a silk bagatelle, dyed gold with silk satin lining.  We designed specific embroidery for the edge of the cloak, the neckline, and the belt, based on the flower of Rohan, and this was woven in three different golds, with small red glass beads throughout.  We hand threaded and stitched small pearls round the sleeve ends, neck edge, and belt.  The arm bindings are hand-plaited gold thread. "

The whole outfit is a pale gold, butter cream color that just blends with her golden hair.  It has a wide boat neck, but does not dip nearly as deep as the elven dresses.  Actually, the top forms more of a bodice.  It ends at the bottom of the low-slung v-ed medieval girdle/belt . This is heavily beaded 3"-4" inches. The set-in outer sleeve are one piece but flare out wide.

There is no seams in the front of the bodice.  It should have side seams and a back invisible zipper.  The bodice ends in a front point.

The front skirt panels are attached  to this pointed bodice so they hang open just a bit.  (Cut the skirt panels straight across the top in a gorse shape and attach to the bodice point)  There is  a train in back.  (We can see this under the sides of the mantle).  The underskirt is the same silk as the sleeve  lining.

There is a wide but subtle embroidery around the cloak/mantle and neck of the bodice.  See the design page for more details on the embroidery.

As with her other gowns, there are two sleeves.  The outer sleeve widens out at the elbow.  The shape in the drawing look accurate. The big sleeve is bag lined in a slightly darker soft yellow of china silk, as is the cloak.

The inner sleeve is tight fitting and goes half way up her palm.  It is probably laced tight at the wrist like the WW or riding gown. This appears to be a heavy gold brocade fabric.

There are the same style of braided cord on the upper sleeve as the WW, and as Ngila says they are a gold colour.  This is hand made. 

An incredibly long mantle/cloak is attached.  There is heavy beading around the edges. This has a very long train and a center seam down the back.  It appears to be two full widths of the brocade fabric.  Shape appears to be a double sized open "U" except that this time, the neck area is wider and the top points of the "U" almost join, so that the open area is more like the shape of a teardrop.  (This is confirmed by tracing the design of the fabric in front that shows the angle... and the side of the mantle that actually dips up because the width of fabric is not quite long enough to form a side.)

Eowyn wears her crown and necklace of lapis and Rohan flowers in this scene too.

Overview Pictures

Eowyn with Farimir in Coronation Garb - Pictures FIDM 2004 thanks to Secret Elf (or here for high rez)
(or here for high rez)
(or here for high rez) (or here for high rez)
(or here for high rez) (or here for high rez)
(or here for high rez)
(or here for high rez)

See more detail in the Embroidery section

Close up of Sleeve turned back.  Very good look at the micro piping made from mini pearls and a metal cut seed beads.
(or here for high rez)

Note that the outer sleeve is also edged in the pearl trim

(or here for high rez)
Just the edge of the inner sleeve shows A CU of the inner sleeve.  Heavy brocade.
(or here for high rez)

Only the lower sleeve is the heavy metallic brocade, the upper sleeve starts below the elbow
Thanks to Jamie Wilson from the NZ production office for giving us the extra peek.

Close up of the upper trim.  Looks like a very fine silk brocade.  may also be the lining for this inner sleeve.
Close up of the lacing on the undersleeve
See the arm cording Sam pic, different brightness
Metallic cording ties on the sleeve.  Also note the silk lining of the mantle.  It's the same color as the sleeves. Sleeve cording. Assumption, there will probably be some cord or piping at the shoulder just like the Winter White and the Beacon gown.
Note now the mantle folds are very deep here Side edge of hems. Note how the mantle comes up along the sides.  The hem of the dress actually forms a bit of a circle. It is the layer of fabric in the bottom
Side view of mantle, note the length of the train. Back of mantle, note seam in center back
(or here for high rez) Just a close up of the lining.  You can see it's bagged, but rolled up just a bit so the edge doesn't end up showing like some of the others.

Picture Links

Sketch of the gown.  Based on the artwork in "The Art of ROTK".  Drawing by Sidhe E.
Original art here

Thanks to Sidhe E for the initial research and descriptions

Fabric and Embroidery detail

Now on a whole separate page

Exhibit pictures throughout this section thanks to Secrete Elf, Heather Garfeimao, Kelldar, Silvara and Rae

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