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Eowyn's Coronation - Fabric and Embellishment Design

Close up on the Gown and Mantle Fabric

Closest to the Original Color, maybe a hair lighter  

Fabric Colors

From Kent using Behr Paint chips:

  • Jacquard/Brocade (dress, mantle): "Corn Silk" # 1B14-2
  • China Silk (Sleeve lining, underskirt): "Gold Buff" # 310D-4


Embroidery "Trim"

Version 2.0, August 2004

The trim is more complex than it looks.  It starts with a machine embroidery of tiny leaves in two shades of gold.  At first it look like it might be a variegated gold, but close study shows that some of the leaves are a darker gold, and the pattern repeats  (See our diagrams below for the actual pattern.)

There are 3 variations, not two of this design.  The wider designs is on the mantle edge and the belt.  The narrower version is on the  front opening of the skirt.  The neckline is a separate pattern about as wide as the skirt.

There is a wonderful piping inserted in the seams that show the most.  This consists of a mini pearl alternated with a shinny mirror-silver cut bead (smaller than a standard seed bead).  This piping is used on both edges of the belt, as well as the edge of the mantle and neckline.  It is not used to edge the skirt open.  That is plain.

There is also beading in some areas.  The beads are a bit hard to define.  The silver ones are seed beads, but the red have a translucence that looks like they possibly could be small garnet beads.  There are two sizes: small seed bead and ultra small.  Only the neckline and mantle edges are beaded.  Only the mantle has the silver beads.

(or high rez here) Close up of thin neck line trim and piping
Mantle and Neck beading together.  Mantle neckline and gown line.  Note how much narrower the gown neckline is.
Two different adjustments of the same pattern.  Darker allows you to see the beads and tiny metal bits Lighter allows you to see the basic pattern
  Sam pic, different brightness
Closeup of the "belt" line and skirt. Note there are no beads or metal bits.  The belt is as wide as the mantle.  The skirt is also plain, and is the only seam that does not have piping. The skirt pattern wraps around and is not a mirror in the center.
(or high rez here)

Highest design and fabric detail in this shot. Notice how skirt panels flare to the side yet hand straight slightly off angle.  If you trance the fabric pattern grain closely, you can see they are angled while the bodice is straight.  Proof of a seam under the belt.

Two version of the mantle trim in close up and different lighting.  
Skirt Trim, plain, narrow Belt trim, take a good look at the color differences on some of the leaves.  Wide
Skirt trim Skirt trim

Pictures thanks to Secret Elf, Silvara and Kelldar

Eowyn's Coronation Embroidery Pattern

Light gold thread= dark grey, dark gold thread = blue, bed beads noted in red.  However, not all the red beads are placed in the identical place, the patterns are slightly variable.

The basic pattern has a darker golden leaf in it (red arrow) that's missing only in the center (both left and right of the center). The second red arrow shows the place without that leaf. The rest of the neckline includes that leaf.


  Neckline, mirrored at the center front, just repeats on the sides.
Belt pattern just wraps around.  It is not mirrored Belt pattern, same as mantle, with out the beads.
Skirt trim, both sides. Mirrored.  Same as the mantle without beads and narrower. The pattern is not matched perfectly between the two sides  

If for any reason, you need the trim at a higher resolution, please contact us.

Thanks to Katrine for all the cross-eyed work of figuring out the patterns.

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