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Eowyn's Ridding Outfit

(aka Interview dress)

Eowyn is seen talking to Aragorn and preparing to leave and farewell the men. She claims that 'it's tradition for the women of the court to farewell
the men', and at that moment, Aragorn notices her sword.  In interviews we see her riding.

Preliminary sketch, by Joanne.  This is only what we could take off the small quick time trailer.  Not shirt is fuller than this but pulled back to show underlayers.

http://www.treknews.de/treknews/gallery-treknews/gallery/Bildergallery/Presse-Bilder/Herr_der_Ringe/Die_Rueckkehr_des_Koenigs/Premiere_Berlin/031.jpg  (look up)

Preliminary Description

V1.4 -June 2003

All we have so far are really bad pictures.  The best is listed above.

This outfit looks like it is top, skirt and riding trousers, but it could just be a split gown with trousers.  We need better pictures to tell.  Colors are just guesses. Fabrics are definably napped because of the weird lighting behavior we're getting from the low angle shots.  Skirt is split in front, assume it's split in back too.

The bodice top is tight long sleeves, very fitted and extends to just below the waist. The long split skirts are probably attached.  Sleeves are probability set in to the top underneath the long "V"ed cowl type collar.

The wide over collar has the rich sheen of velvet.  It is brown or darkish brick red.  The collar has a gentle v shape, with a cowl type overlay that drapes over the shoulders and finishes midway between the shoulder and the elbow. It is gathered at the centre front of the neckline into the "V" shape. It is own top of the other bodice.  However, the top front button goes all the way though and secures the over collar.

Front is closed with at least 9 round buttons

There is intricate gold embroidery around the bottom edge of the cowl, in a pattern of leaves and stars, similar to earrings and necklace as seen before with the White Wool and Green Gowns. The embroidery is approximately 1 to 1.5 inches wide.  Same trim also appears around her hips

The top and skirts are a dark moss green, we think.  The gown is split in front (confirmed), so we're guessing that it is also split in the back so she can ride.  It is fuller than show in our drawing picture.  It looks like a gown until she walks.  Heavy fabric.

The sleeve fabric appear to have a woven golden pattern.  The sleeves are already narrow but they are held closer to the wrist with a set of gold lacing loops on the outside of the sleeve.  (This is the same as her WW gown, but these are more decorative.) The shinny gold lacing runs on the outside, between the wrist and mid-forearm that tightens down the sleeve. It looks to be laced though 6 sets.  The narow sleeves are a bit long covering the top of her hand.

She also  wears a loose hip belt (dark red?),  1 1/2 to 2 inches wide.  Two large gold grommets in front of the belt. In place of the bucket is a large triangle 4-6 inches.  We assume it is heavily decorated. The ties are left to dangle.  The ties alternates light and medium brown, these may be something like wood beads.  Each section is joined by a bigger gold bead.  This belt is also seen with the Beacon Gown.

Dark close fitting leggings or trousers are worn. High dark boots complete the outfit.

A small strand of hair near each side of her face is twisted  and fastened together in back.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to the description including Alison and Joanne who spent far to long staring at those little quick time files for the original art and description.

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