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Eowyn's Funeral Garb

Additional Names - Blue Gown or Brown Velvet

Version 2.0 - April 2005

Eowyn's Funeral Gown is seen in only bits and pieces.  While in TTT, the dress appears brown, it is dark navy velvet while the mantle and hood are a dark blue-grey.  It is almost the same pattern as Eowyn's Green Gown.

Note: the Rohan TTT scenes are very darkened and have a brown overtone to them.


General Description

Eowyn's full funeral garb.  Slightly fuzzy, FIDM 2003 CU, crisp image
(or click here for high rez)
Closer view of the earrings and crown.  Very fuzzy.  Same 5 point flower motif

More on her circlet <here>

Fuzzy CU of the gold belt 

More on the belt <here>

This gown is the most formal of all her gowns, with the exception of her Coronation gown that was added at the last moment.  She wears all her jewelry and crown.  She dons mantle and hood for the funeral.

This blue velvet gown with gold accents is shaped very  much like her green gown.  It is a one piece dress with a series of "cheats" to form the look of layers. It has a high necked golden yoke, wide bell shaped sleeves, and a split skirt that reveals a gold skirt underneath.

For the funeral, she also wears a long blue-grey mantel fastened at the shoulders  and a separate triangular "hood".


  • A plush blue cotton velvet is used for the main gown.  It is stamped with a pattern in a muted gold.
    • Fabric and design in detail <here>
  • A leafy muted gold brocade on a taupe background is used for the yoke, "underskirt".   May be the back side of the fabric, but unknown.
  • Gold brocade for narrow undersleeve - no pictures exist.  Could be the same as the yoke.
  • Sleeve lining (and guessing skirt and mantel lining), dark blue (but lighter than the outer gown).  Unknown type of fabric, but might be a dark mid-weight cotton.
    • Why are we guessing this is cotton and where all it's used???
      • Dress is made of cotton velvet and what we can see of the sleeve lining has no sheen to it... so guess is "cotton" or cotton blend.
      • Used on the skirt as underlining and under the gold underskirt... Why?  The skirt is bag lined and we do not notice the lining.  (In the green gown, it's obvious the contrasting fabric is used... but no one notices it here... so, good chance it's a very non-descript fabric.)
      • Same logic for it being used on the mantle as lining.
      • Mid-weight? Why? The mantle is a very thin wool.  This adds enough weight.  Also adds a good weight to the sleeves and smooth skirts.

Bodice Shape & Sleeves

Eowyn's Funeral gown has the standard side fitted bodice with back invisible zipper and set in sleeves. We know there is a center seam under the belt, but don't have an exact picture.  However, it's a good chance that it's the same as her White Wool gown with slight drop waist in front with a soft curve.

The sleeves fit tight on the upper arm but widen into a bell that falls to knee level.  Sleeves are approximately fingertip length. These outer sleeves are bag lined in a navy cotton.

There is a gold brocade false undersleeve.  This extends only to just below the elbow.  A lighter fabric goes up into the sleeve from there.  It is assumed that the same lacing as used on the Coronation gown undersleeve keeps the sleeve tight.

Yoke Details / Necklace

The yoke is wide cut  from a stiff golden taupe brocade fabric. It appears to be  It has a very tall mandarin collar with a rounded, cord-piped edge.  The gown's zipper goes all the way up though the collar in back. 

A gold rope piping or core edges the collar and the bottom of the yoke. A thick pointy gold lace edges the yoke also, point inward.  Either the gold rope or another thin trim runs down the center of the yoke.  (Guess - this is covering a center seam.) 

With this seam, there will not be one of the shoulders, instead, the pattern will look a bit like 1/3 a circle, but stretched towards the shoulders.

When making the dress....

The blue velvet may go all the way up to the small neck hole... in fact, making it this way and just laying the yoke on top, will strengthen the dress.  This will also help make sure that the mantle pins don't rip though the dress if someone steps on it.

Before putting in the zipper... make up the yoke body separately.  Use the piping to turn under the edge of the gold fabric.  Sew on the lace to the yoke.  Put on the gown and have someone lay the yoke on top of the velvet and pin the two necklines together at the center and side points.  then working from center front pin the bottom of the yoke to the blue.  Make sure to get it smooth and pin often all the way over the shoulders to the center back.

Attach the collar to all layers of fabric.  Install the zipper.

Mandarin collar neckline.  Note the gold trim that points up in to the gold neck. 

In this display it looks like the collar is sewn together, but in the movie there is a separation.

different enhancement of the fabric.  Note piping at the neck.

The necklace appears to be pinned in place.  This is the same medallion seen pinned on the refugee dress.

Yoke, dashes are stitched lines.  Zips in back

(Kathy S)

Brooch pattern, the center stone is a tad smaller than show in this drawing.  This is domed, not flat.  (Idril)


There are no gathers in these skirts.  They are fitted perfectly into the waist seam (which drops into a soft curve in front).

The front panel of the skirt hangs straight down like a tabard, so  there are two slits on either side of the skirt to reveal and underskirt made of a heavy golden/taupe brocade fabric made with metallic fibers. 

It is guessed that the back side piece is all one with a center back seam that the zipper extends into.  There probably is a short train... like the green gown.

It's hard to tell how far around the gold underskirt extends.  It may just be a false front like Elizabethan upper-class gowns.  (Make the whole skirt from the lining and then lay the gold on top of it... about twice as wide as the front panel opening.

All pieces appear to be bag lined. Everything meets at the waist. Since we see nothing, assuming it's that navy lining  again.

We do not see a tie to hold the front panel up.  However, there are belt loops on the sides and back to hold the belt in place over the seam area.

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Maggie's Eowyn Funeral study page:


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