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Eowyn's Medallion Belts

V2.0 July, 2004

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About the Belts

Originally we though that Eowyn just had one medallion belt that she swapped around and that it was made from a mix of gold and silver.  We now know that there are two belts.  One of gold; one of silver.  (This is confirmed in an interview with the jeweler.)

Both belts are a set of medallions joined with two links on each side.  The front center medallion is larger and a different pattern than the sides.  The belts sit on the upper hip, slightly higher in back.  In front,  it forms a low point. It is assumed that the belt fastens in back like most of the LOTR belts.

The belts are held in place with very thin belt guides at the side.  These belts do not have a metal front tail.  However, the gold belt has a single fabric tail.  The belt hides a waist seam in most cases.

  • Gold version worn on (and see more pictures at...)
  • Silver version worn on
    • White wool
      • On this dress, the joined medallions are tacked to coarse weave belting.  The belting is covered with a design of half circles of largest round gold beads.  The same design covers the front tail.
      • Belt looks gold here because of the reflection of the gold beads in the background.

Photo Image Closeups


On the white wool dress, with the backing, ROM 2003.  Note the backing is  gold beading on the belt and on the tail.  The medallions are silver.    
Fuzzy CU of the belt, on funeral garb, FIDM 2003 Gold belt on green gown (standee)

or click here for high rez


The Belt Pattern

Version 2.0, as of July 2004

The center medallion looks to be about 3" and the side ones 2 1/2".  Both styles are make from 3 layers.  It starts on a flat base and then there are metal wire loops and balls that layer upward for a 3-D effect.

Note: the patterns are not to scale.  They are large to show the design.  Reduce them using photo editing software or a copier.

Rough sketch of the belt and it's joins Large center disk.  Flat disk piece with the 4 cut-out circles is silver but doesn't show well.  Note that belt is joined though lower loop  

Smaller side disks.  Also gold and silver, see pattern below.

Large center belt medallion has 3 layers. The bottom layer is a flat cutout. A looped square wire with ball point.  Also an outer wire circle which is soldered onto the points. Outer twisted layer on the center medallion. Loops need to be strong enough that they can tell the pull of the belt.
The small medallions have a bit more of a 3-D effect.  The inner circles are a flat backing for the rest of the ring.  The outer circle is rimmed.  It is higher on the  inside and slopes outward.  The middle layer has flared triangles that reach to the edge.  These have a bit of a curve. Top layer is a twist of  wire, and more metal balls.

Thank you to Mirjana for Version 2 of the belt medallions.  Her scrapbook entry <here>

Making the belt

The belt can be make out of a number of products.  On the low end, the backs can be made from plastic or fun form.  Beyond that they can be cut from tin or even cast.  The top layers could also be made of the foam, but would look better made of wire.   To get the twists, it would be better to have a jewlry jig (one of those peg boards for twisting wire).  If you don't have a jig, hammer nails in wood .

Check out the Human Scrapbook to read up on how others have made the belt.

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