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Eowyn's Funeral Mantel & Trim

Version 1.1 - April 2005


General Description

Eowyn's Funeral Mantel is only seen in glimpses in the movie.  We see it's full length in exhibit pictures.

While the content of the fabric is uncertain, it looks like a wool.  It also looks identical to her funeral hood.  The texture and color are identical, but the hood is very shear.  So, if they are the same fabric, the mantle is lined in a much heavier fabric.

Eowyn's full funeral garb.  Slightly fuzzy, FIDM 2003 CU, crisp image
(or click here for high rez)

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Pin Study

The mantle is pinned onto Eowyn's gown with two large medallions about 3" wide.  These are 3 layers. These are two layers of gold designs on a dark solid disk. A pin would be attached to the back.

The dark disk could be made from wood or clay and painted.  The gold is two pieces, main filigree, and the swirled square that sits on the top.
Clasp on the side of the Funeral cloak (Idril) CU of the medallion that hold the cloak on.


Close up of trim and pin  on the shoulder of the cloak.  This trim is custom made on the same navy, short napped cotton velvet as the dress.  Trim matches the flower motif.  

Mantle Pattern

V 1.0 - April 2005

We have not had the mantel laid on the ground so this is our best guess of the pattern.  The "guestimate" is made on the how it hangs on the should and back.  This is not a half circle.  It has a back seam. We're guessing that it has characters of Galadriel's cloak vs. her Coronation outfit.

The mantle is a med blue-grey wool that has been lined to give it more body.  (See Funeral Hood for pictures of the fabric by itself.)

This cloak needs to be made out of 60 inch wide fabric.  See the pattern below.  This is made from two long rectangles of fabric with a center triangle cut out.  The guestimate is that the triangle is a 45 degree cut.  A steeper angle will make a longer train.

Feel free to give feedback or figure out a better pattern.

Fabric layout


A) Width - 60 inches wide is required

C-D) Cut out a triangle across the fabric.  The guess is 45 degrees.  (Note, this is a large chunk of fabric, save for Funeral Hood) - If I remember my math... that's a 60 wide triangle.

Sew mantle together from the "D" points to the "C" point

Sewn mantle

A) Width of fabric

B) Length from front flow, over back of neck to floor again in front.  Also, apply trim on this edge, mitered around the "D" turn

C) Trim off edge shaping like a quarter circle for the back train of the mantle.

D) Take a bit of the extra fabric from "C".  Reinforces this edge with a small triangle to soften the turn.  This will be completely hidden by the trim.

Orange circles are approximately where the shoulder pins go.  Reinforce that area if your trim and fabric are thin.  


Funeral Hood

This appears to be the same blue-grey wool as the mantle, but unlined. The best way to observe the shape and weight of the fabrics is to watch the funeral scene on the DVD in slow motion.  The fabric blows in the air and  you can almost see though it.  It has a shape that somewhat resembles the outermost layer of the wraiths head covering.

Use the cut out piece from the mantle.  The long edge will be 60".

The triangle edge that goes around her face and down the sides is the salvage of the fabric.  The point of the triangle has been trimmed/shaped in back.  Hard to tell if it's a curve or a sharp cut.  The front, the edges have been chopped square across, not curved. 

Finish with a fine rolled edge where chopped.  Do not turn under the edge that goes around her face.

Trim Study

by Nikki

V1.1 - April 2005

Preliminary.  More details will be adjusted now that we have the higher resolution photos.

Eowyn's Funeral Mantel trim is machine sewn.  Gold and silver metallic threads on a short napped dark navy cotton velvet.  The trim is 2 1/2 to 3 inches wide and custom embroidered by machine.  In back it pivots and the with varies with the design.

There are two motifs interlaced in silver... Eowyn's golden flower and the gold and silver double "X".  There are gold squiggles that fill in the edges.

It is important to note that  the actually length of the motif changes as it get up to the shoulder and goes around the back the "X" squares up and the star is squished in the center back. 

There are two modifies in this trim... the double "X" and Eowyn's 5 pointed flower.

This artwork shows just the main designs and how they intertwine with each other.

Here's an earlier version of the study showing the two side by side.
Here is a breakdown of the different parts of the trim.  Each color is a different piece of it.  Note, the actual motif shapes are from an earlier version of the trim.

Color Key:

  • Dark Green - outer border trim edge [white embroidery]
  •  Red-Orange - gold swirlies [gold embroidery]
  • Light-blue and purple-blue - outer border for the two main designs
  • Seafoam Green - inner design, pattern #1 [gold embroidery]
  • Brown - inner design, pattern #1 [white embroidery]
  • Yellow Gold - inner design, pattern #2 [gold embroidery]
  • White (Negative Space) - blue velvet base

Thanks to Nikki for the artwork details

Maggie's Eowyn Funeral study page:

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