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Eowyn's Shield Maiden Sleeves

V 1.0 - August, 2004

Eowyn has absolutely beautify sleeves with this outfit.  They are unlike anything else in the movie.

Sleeve Pattern Detail


Lower Sleeve

Required: Large rectangle of fabric, folded in half.  The fabric
length will likely be around 1 yard - essentially from your elbow to
as far down as you want the sleeve to fall.  The width will be limited
by the width of your fabric.

  A) selvage
B) fold of the fabric
C) grainline

A) selvage
B) fold of fabric
C) grainline
D) cut along fold, match width of upper sleeve
Sew top selvage edge together

Inside arm view
B) "fold" of fabric
D) cut along fold wrapped around upper arm and attached
E) upper arm sleeve piece

gather the sewn edge, and tack it or sew it
so that the gathers stay.
hem raw edges

Thanks for the research from everyone especially Maggie & BastetBabe and Judy. 

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