Coronation Garb
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Aragorn Coronation Garb

(aka Ceremonial)

Rev 2.0 August, 2004

Aragorn gets a bath, shave and washes his hair for his final scene.  He does make a kingly entrance in the grand finally.  He wears many layers of finery. 


Overview Description

According to the Art of ROTK book:

"The crown is the same shape as Isildur's from the prologue.  In fact, what we've done is use a lot of components from Isuldur's armor in this design: the pauldrons, breastplate, tassets, right down to the greaves, gloves and vambraces.  This armor has probably been stored in a vault, maintained and polished, and Aragorn's eventual acceptance of his place in the continuing history of Middle-earth is signified by his wearing his ancestor's armor.  We lowered the high neckline of the armor as worn by Isildur, so that we could see the Evenstar still around Aragorn's neck, and developed some richly embroidered cloth of various cuts and colors, as would befit a king of Gondor."

Comparison of Aragorn's Kingly wear

  • Same for both costumes:
    • Greaves: 2 layers of black leather with one large metallic Gondorian wing design; separate but attached piece over the foot with two layers of metallic ornament; 1 buckle strap above the calf and one above the ankle
    • Rerebraces: 2 layers of black leather with a metallic ornament; one buckle strap above the biceps.
    • Chain maille (90% sure)
    • Boots:  Just black riding boots
  • Unique for each Costume:
    • Vambraces
      • Black Gate: two layers of leather, ornamented with 3 pieces metallic Gondorian Wing designs sculpted in 2 different designs, 2 buckle straps
      • Coronation: one layer of leather, ornamented with 3 pieces of the same metallic Gondorian Wing designs but sculpted in 2 different scales; 2 buckle straps
    • Pauldrons
      • Black Gate: Metallic Pauldrons made of three pieces jointed with rivets to a black leather support. Only the very edge of the leather shows; somehow attaches to the maille.
      • Coronation: Ornamental Leather Pauldrons ornamented with 2 pieces of metallic Gondorian Wing design; somehow attaches to the cuirass.

Aragorn does not wear a helmet with either outfit.  He wears different red undertunics.  He dons Elendil's cuirass (breastplate) for the coronation directly over the maille instead of the leather "silver tree" tunic.

Overview Pictures

    (or here for high rez pic)
(or here for high rez pic) Aragorn and his ladies

(or here for high rez)



Picture Links

Armor - separate page

Crown - separate page

Red Tunic Detail

The neck fabric looks soft and stretchy, maybe a cotton velour.  It's a high soft turtle neck.  The tunic zips up the back. 

The sleeves are an entirely different fabric.  They are  shinny silk with a bit of a nubby texture.  There is a design in there with a bit of black thread. 

Tunic is long sleeved and extend to mid calf with the maille shirt.

  Can see the neck seam
See the fabric decoration  
  Back of mantle.  Note the zipper in the shirt

(or high rez here)

Tunic is about 2 inches higher, also split in back.  Can see the turned under hem



Half circle of dark blue velvet, probably cotton velvet.  Trim examples below.  Mantle is bag lined in a goldish metallic silk satin.  Note the gold has started to to stretch out and show over the edge.  This happens when the two lining fabrics are not allowed to hang out before they are joined together and they stretch at different rates.

(or here for high rez pic)

Note mantle is slightly trained

Back of mantle
  Bag lining in gold silk showing on hem of the half circle mantle

Trim Study on Mantle and tunic

Trim has been embroidered directly on the velvet.  The "edge" is silver cord.

Views of the trim, different enhancements.  The trim is fake.  It is Silver cord on the edges and the embroidery is sewing directly onto the Mantle. 
  (or high rez here)  
(or high rez here)    

Narsil refored as Anduril


Click the pic for detail of his sword

Thanks to all the contributions including Fatima, Sidhe, J man , Secret Elf, Kelldar, Kent

Exhibit pictures throughout this section thanks to Secrete Elf, Heather Garfeimao, Kelldar, Silvara and Rae

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