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Aragorn's Coronation Maille Shirt

Worn in ROTK.  Interestingly, in close up at exhibit it looks like there is a break at the waist - movie magic again???  This is worn with Aragorn's Coronation outfit... but it is probably the same one worn with his black gate armor.

The main shirt is standard 4 in 1.  It's sleeves go down to the elbow.  The front, low calf length.  It is split front and back almost all the way up to the armor chest plate.  The sleeves are standard squared on.  (Note how the side of the hem drip, that's the indicator.)  There are gores added in the side. The back appears to be longer than the front.  It is also split. all the way up.

On looking at the armor close up, it looks like there's a bit of "movie magic" at work.  There appears to be a break at the waist and some stabilizing threads of bright green...


(or high rez here)

Standard maille pattern, CU taken from from the the shirt Sleeve edge
Extra has been added from the hip down.  The front continues straight down, but the side starts a 2:1 to add a flare to the skirt.  Yes, edge of the mail does tilt down on the side. Note: this piece is actually a "skirt".  The shirt breaks at the waist.  Even the sword belt is underneath.  It's hard to see in any pictures, but it has been confirmed in person.
Slit up center front, for ridding.  Will have the same split in back.  Note that it goes all the way up to the crest plate.  
There's  that  waist seam in the maille. Mantel, lining and the bottom edge of the maille skirt.

Exhibit pictures throughout this section thanks to Secrete Elf, Garfeimao, Kelldar, and Silvara

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