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Patterns, Fabric and Sewing Supplies Merchants


Pattern and Supply Folks

Find more info about which patterns to use over in our Pattern section.  Get some fabric ideas too.

Historical Patterns

  • AlterYears - www.AlterYears.com
    • Historical patterns (in fact carries most of the patters we talk about here except the big three
    • Historical accessories, brass buttons, suspenders, boning,  cloak clasps, etc
    • Note, lot of items are not on their web site, in LA area, ship world wide.
  • Farthingales - http://www.farthingales.on.ca
    • Boning, grommets
    • Techniques for boning, corset, etc
    • Canadian
  • Folkwear - www.Folkwear.com
    • We're suggesting a lot of patterns from this company because they're easy to make, but aren't just standard clothing patters
    • They've got both the two main styles of cloaks we're talking about.
  • Patterns of Time - www.patternsoftime.com
    • Historical patterns
    • Broaches, buttons and cloak clasps as well.
  • Smoke and Fire - www.smoke-fire.com
    • Historical and re-enactor patterns.
    • also have a large number of accessories that work well for hobbits.

The Big 3 pattern companies

Fabric Sources

US Fabric Sources


  • Los Angeles Fabric District
    • centers at 9th and Maple downtown.  Spreads in all directions.  Olympic to 8th, north/south, 9th - constantly spreading in both directions.
    • More on Los Angeles street
  • New York Fabric District
    • Westside upper 30's from Broadway over to 8th/9th Ave & west Broadway
    • High end - 39th over by 8th Ave
  • Philadelphia
    • vicinity of 4th Street and Bainbridge

Canadian Fabric Sources

  • Designer Fabrics - store in Toronto, Canada
  • Montreal Fabric District
    • on Saint-Hubert street between Jean-Talon and Villeray
    • Over 30 shops, discount to designer


UK Fabric sources


  • Paris
    • it is just downhill from the front of the Sacre Coeur Basillica. If you walk downhill on the street that ends where the giant staircase begins, you will find a small neighborhood with a dense concentration of fabric shops.

Fabric Sources in Australia

Fabric Sources in New Zealand

Fabric Etching, notions and other supplies

Custom Fabric Orders

  • Folks are ordering custom fabric.  Find out the details and see the swatches <here>.

Dye Sources

Check out our notes of dyeing for lots more info and links.

Stencil Sources

Leather Sources

Real Stuff


Nice Fakes - Buying foam and fir

  • Fabulous Furs - http://fabulousfurs.com
    • can be pricing, but wonderfully "real"
  • Foam Mart - www.foammart.com
    • 628 North Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA -  1-800-943-8362
    • Large selection of vinyl's not all are listed on the web
    • Incredible selection of foams for armor
      • Carry a full line of polyethylene closed cell foams
      • When you're ready to graduate up to the long term pro stuff, check out the SFX section for L-200
    • Carry foam spray paints - sticks well and flexes without breaking.  They carry more colors than listed on the web site.
    • Carry all kinds of Barge Cement and Thinners

Trims and Beads

Corset Supplies

  • Corset Making Supplies - http://www.corsetmaking.com/
    • Complete range of corset supplies
    • On line store
    • Philadelphia, PA
  • Farthingales - http://www.farthingales.on.ca
    • Boning, grommets
    • Techniques for boning, corset, etc.  Web classes and tips
    • On line ordering
    • Ontario, Canadian
  • Grannd Companies & Grand Garb - http://www.grannd.com
    • Complete range of corset supplies, including imitation whalebone boning, reed boning
    • On line store,
    • Store front in South River, New Jersey
  • AlterYears - www.AlterYears.com
    • Note, lot of items are not on their web site, in LA area, ship world wide, can do will call locally, call or fax faster than e-mail.
  • Vena Cava Design - www.venacavadesign.co.uk
    • Specialize in corset making and supplies
    • UK

Disclaimer:  Everything here is just provided to help you out as a suggestion.  .

Note: we do not list any vendors the create "exact" replicas that are not duly licensed by New Line Cinema.  The goal of this site is to research Lord of the Rings costumes and help folks recreate them for themselves.

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