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How to Get Elven Eyes

== by Stephanie S.

We've got a great comparison of the contact that are out in the current market.  There was no exact consensus among our folks on which was the closest to the movie eyes, so check them all out and choose.

This guide is for information purposes and is geared toward those who have never worn contacts before. The brands listed here are not the only ones available but they are the most commonly available in the United States.

  •  You must have an eye exam from your optometrist. Be sure to specify you want a contact lens exam and are interested in changing your eye color.
    • COST: $80-$130 (vision insurance may cover a portion of this)
  • Find out what brands the optometrist has available. They should have some in house for you to try on.
  • Choose your color(s) and the doctor will order a trial pair for you. Most doctors will require you to come back in about a week to check the fit and visual clarity (even for non-prescription lenses).
  • NOTE:  I highly recommend you do not skip the follow up appointments. Many doctors will not write you a prescription if you do not follow up. If the fit is incorrect it can cause a lot of discomfort, poor vision (aahhh-can’t see the movie), and possible eye injury.

Types of Contacts


  • Brands:
    • Freshlook Colors                                            
    • Freshlook ColorBlends
  • COST: average $35/box  (6 contacts)
  • Longevity: 1-2 weeks if used daily, possibly longer if only worn occasionally. Consult your doctor for wearing schedule.

Fresh Look Blues

Advantages:  Cost effective for the occasional wearer

Disadvantages:  Colors not as vibrant, only available in one size and may not fit everyone’s eye

 Long Lasting

  •  Brands:
    • Durasoft 3
    • Illusions Opaques
  • COST: $100-$130 (1 pair)
  • Longevity: Indefinitely, if cared for properly

Sapphire Blue

Advantages: More comfortable, more color choices, lasts longer

Disadvantages: More expensive

Be sure to get a written copy of your prescription once it has been finalized. Prescriptions will be written out for the specific brand you choose…so choose wisely.

Contact Sample Photos

Here are some more colors that may work for your elf costume.  If you wish to have two pictures open at a time, right click and select "open in a new window".

All lens samples listed in this table.

Acuvue2 Green Aqua Fresh Look Blues
Blue Compliments Green compliments Sapphire Blue
Freshlook Green ColorBlends Misty Grey Shadow Grey

FX Lenses

Here are some links to websites that sell wild theatrical lenses for cosmetic purposes:

  • Lensquest
    • http://www.lensquest.com
      • Offers the widest variety of FX lenses, including "Wild Eyes"   Will also makes custom lenses to your specifications. Many costuming/roleplaying websites recommend this company.
      • Prices start at $70 for some of the non-prescription basics and up to $400 per pair for the hand painted or custom ones.
  • 9mm FX
    • http://www.9mmsfx.com/lenses.htm
      • Is working on LOTR specific contacts…can’t wait to see what’s in store! Also does customized contacts.
      • Prices start at $100 and go to $325 a pair.  Contact them for custom prices.

If you choose one of these companies for contacts it may help and save a lot of time if you print out an order form and bring it to your eye exam. The doctor should fill it out for you and you can order contacts online.

I have not personally used either one of these companies, but they have many recommendations from other websites.

CAUTION: DO NOT share your contact lenses with anyone. Contacts, even if worn for cosmetic purposes are medical devices and should only be worn under the supervision of an eye care professional. Sharing contact lenses may spread micro organisms that could result in serious eye health problems. As a medical device, contacts must be prescribed by a licensed eye care professional. Contacts are regulated by the FDA and U.S. Federal law prohibits dispensing of contact lenses with out a prescription.

Hygiene is paramount! Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly anytime you handle contacts.

A disinfecting solution (like RENU or Opti-Free) should be used to rinse lenses before putting them into your eye. Your eye care professional should teach you how to care for, insert, and remove lenses.

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This page was last updated 04/22/08